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Greetings and welcome to Sharing Ideas!

Greetings and welcome to Sharing Ideas!26-10-2015 00:16
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Hi and welcome to the Sharing Ideas sub-forum!

Our website's super administrator, branner, has created this sub-forum, and he's permitting me to moderate it, because we both agreed that there was a need for a place where people could create threads and post comments in an environment that is respectful, non-judgmental, synergistic and supportive. To facilitate this process, I ask that you adhere to the following guidelines which are specific to this sub-forum only:

1. Follow the general website guidelines, and please be respectful and comment about the content of posts, but not about the person who posted the content.

2. This sub-forum is not about debating or winning an argument. It's about sharing ideas. If you post here, be willing to think outside your box in synergistic ways that allow you to compliment and build on each others' thoughts.

3. Realize that climate change is a relatively new science which means that there are still vast quantities of unknowns we have yet to identify and answer. Thus, it's quite possible that two quite seemingly different and conflicting comments might still share some common, middle ground. Always leave the door open to the possibility that there's something you haven't taken into account or thought of, yet.

As the moderator for this sub-forum, I have the capacity to editor or trash-bin posts. If a small part of a post needs addressing, I will simply replace it with a red asterisk in parenthesis like this - (*) - and then PM the person who posted it. If they like, they may then send me alternative content that I will insert back into their original post. On the other hand, if the majority of a post falls outside of the above guidelines, I will place it in the website's trash-bin, notifying the person who posted it of why I have done so.

Hopefully, everyone who posts in this sub-forum will be here because they want a place that has these kind of guidelines, which will, of course, make my job as a moderator very easy. In the unfortunate case where someone repeatedly disregards these guidelines, or should they post something of critical concern like hate or harm content, I will ask branner to consider the option of banning that person either temporarily or permanently from this website, which is something that only he can do. It is my hope that I will never have to make such a request.

That said, I want to welcome you to the Share Ideas sub-forum of, and I look forward to sharing ideas with you!



The 2015 M2C2 (Global 9/11) Denialist Troll Awards

1st Place - Jep Branner - Our Stupid Administrator!
2nd Place - IBdaMann - Science IS cherry picking!
3rd Place - Into the Night - Mr. Nonsense numbers!
4th Place - Tim the plumber - The Drivel Queen!
02-11-2015 11:16


I want to thank you again for moderating this forum.
It is all still pretty new and I have been thinking if you maybe could add an extra possibility to the moderation style if your time allows it.
So that idea idea I want to share with you.

For instance if a writer in the first post in a thread writes the bottom line:

"I am also moderating this thread"

Then you will see it and you will let it mean something to you.
For instance maybe that you will not moderate at all but just wait for the threadstarter to ask for it and then follow his directions if possible.
And if it gets all way too bad without the threadstarter asks for help you will at least keep him fully informed and make it reversable in case you have misunderstood something whish kan be essay wen alle is forignærs.

What do you think about something like that as an experiment..?

02-11-2015 15:42
ModeratorProfile picture★★★☆☆
@Jakob - I think it is a good idea.

You will have to talk to branner about it.

The 2015 M2C2 (Global 9/11) Denialist Troll Awards

1st Place - Jep Branner - Our Stupid Administrator!
2nd Place - IBdaMann - Science IS cherry picking!
3rd Place - Into the Night - Mr. Nonsense numbers!
4th Place - Tim the plumber - The Drivel Queen!

Join the debate Greetings and welcome to Sharing Ideas!:

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