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Will M2C2 be solved by educating the children?

Will M2C2 be solved by educating the children?11-10-2015 16:29
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Misinformation about climate change is distressingly common in the United States — a 2014 Yale study found that 35 percent of Americans believe that global warming is caused mostly by natural phenomena rather than human activity, and 34 percent think there is a lot of disagreement among scientists about whether global warming is even happening. In fact, an overwhelming majority of scientists agree that climate change is here and that it is caused by humans. One way to stop the spread of this misinformation is to teach children about climate change.


Teaching the Truth About Climate Change

Maybe you can't teach an old dog new tricks!


The 2015 M2C2 (Global 9/11) Denialist Troll Awards

1st Place - Jep Branner - Our Stupid Administrator!
2nd Place - IBdaMann - Science IS cherry picking!
3rd Place - Into the Night - Mr. Nonsense numbers!
4th Place - Tim the plumber - The Drivel Queen!
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