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Australia looks set for drought

Australia looks set for drought13-11-2014 18:46
This is my first post and it's nearly 3 am but I just want to put my thoughts on how climate change is affecting my neck of the woods.

I have watched the spring rains fail and everyone's oblivious to what lies ahead. There is some talk about a strong El nino, but it's more than that. Australia has had a continuous, relentless flow of cold air from Antarctica, that is simply too bloody dry!

If anyone took the time to review Australia's spring it's obvious to see the cold dry air feed into the country. We got a third of our average rain and 3 degrees below average. The media couldn't even report it right. See pic.

Up in Sydney, they had more snow in one October weekend, than in July. It was 45 degrees Celsius today not far from there. The dry air heats up quick.

The latest push from the cold air is catching some tropical moisture and causing an unseasonal rain event in the west, and bringing a bit our way as it reacts with a trough. But it just wants to rain in the ocean which is disheartening to watch.

So I guess I just want say that I believe Australia could certainly be in severe drought by the end of summer, but I also believe the culprit was Antarctica, which is not good news for the planet. Because I wouldn't be surprised if we sent air back there, slightly warmer.

Thanks for letting me vent. Pardon the pun.
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