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Climate change impacts - making it a bit more personal

Climate change impacts - making it a bit more personal30-09-2014 00:18
Often when I chat to friends and people in general about the topic of climate change, I feel a bit saddened as people see it as important but feel it is distant and remote and are more concerned about the current state of the economy, the cost of housing, jobs etc. It is of course very understandable and something I worry a fair bit myself!

So I thought maybe if I tell my story and show that in my relatively short time (I'm 24) the extent of the changes to my area, maybe it might just make it seem that little bit less distant. Here is my story:

I hope maybe that the more people who tell their own story the more real all this can become. Please join me and tell your story in whatever way you want. :-) x
03-10-2014 02:44
So what was the impact?

All I see is a little melting.

I dont see you starving.
I dont see total destruction.

Please explain what your point is?
27-11-2014 14:32
Abraham3Profile picture★★☆☆☆

27-11-2014 16:22
We are in an interglacial period. So what is your point. Some glaciers receiding and growing us normal. More receiving is normal too. There us no scientific papers that show with any credibility or scientific certainty that receiving glaciers are a catastrophic problem. Also, your pictyres are over ten years old. U honestly do not know the current state if that glacier but if you are going to post fear mongering pictures make sure they are at most a few years old, no more.
27-11-2014 17:55
Abraham3Profile picture★★☆☆☆

Edited on 27-11-2014 17:57

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