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Doesn't CO2 (and H2O vapor for that matter) make Earth's surface cooler and summers cooler?

Doesn't CO2 (and H2O vapor for that matter) make Earth's surface cooler and summers cooler?31-12-2015 22:54
Tai Hai Chen
Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't greenhouse gases soak up the heat from Earth's surface and distribute the heat from the surface throughout the troposphere so that it's warmest at the bottom and coolest at the top and, without greenhouse gases, surface temperature during the day would be like 120 C like on the Moon and only a few feet off the ground during the day would be like -40 C like on the Moon? So how does greenhouse gases increase temperature on Earth's surface as the greenhouse effect theory goes?
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31-12-2015 23:28
Tai Hai Chen
Curiosity measured Mars temperature as high as 6 C during the day and as low as -70 C at night, at a place near the equator. It seems, because Mars has less greenhouse effect, Mars's temperature a few feet off the ground is much less regulated as compared to Earth, where day time high and night time low are typically only a few degrees C from each other.
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01-01-2016 02:10
IBdaMannProfile picture★★★★★
Tai Hai Chen wrote:
Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't greenhouse gases ...?

The atmosphere does what you describe. There is no special subset of atmospheric gases that have magical "greenhouse" superpowers.

There's a reason the Stefan-Boltzmann equation has no variables for atmospheric composition. It just doesn't matter.


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