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The Ground Man Documentary to change the current course

The Ground Man Documentary to change the current course22-02-2015 02:26
How's it going? We are two friends on a mission to make a documentary that changes some actions.

Our idea is simply a road trip to change some minds. It is a documentary to show people that not only is it possible to live peacefully and coheasivly with the environment it is actually much more fulfilling than the rat race.

Years of living in New York City watching people rush from point A to point B, buying stuff they don't need to impress people they don't like, has shown us everything we needed to know. Nature gives us all the energy we will ever need and yet we still are dependent of fossil fuels, it has never made sense. We don't believe life is meant to be lived in smog and shade, and the more people we can convince of this, the better the world will be. The best part is that people are finally starting to see the truth, all they need is a little push. We want to push them in the right direction.

So we, Sammir Belkhyat, Keith Fraser and his dog Blu (, are on a mission to get the knowledge and experience needed to change the minds of the people who sold their passion for a paycheck, their creativity for a nice car. We are going to use this knowledge to make The GroundMan documentary. The GroundMan is anyone who cares about earth more than a little bit of luxury. The GroundMan is the good that humanity is still holding onto. The GroundMan is that pissed off optimist who knows we can still turn this around. We want to get to know sustainable communities, Eco-friendly businesses, and individuals that are succeeding in living with the environment not just in it. Then we are going to compare these Eco-friendly systems to the current "popular" system.

Our findings will be broadcasted through a Documentary on our YouTube channel. Hopefully this will prove to the those still unsure that our current system isn't only undesirable it also is not sustainable. Hopefully they will end up asking themselves "why are we are killing the earth more and more everyday for truly no reason at all?"

Our route would go from NYC south to Georgia then to Arkansas all the way west though New Mexico, Arizona,  and California documenting everthing. We have specific communities, businesses and communes we are going to stop at and interview people. Due to disclosure agreements that haven't been signed we can not list them as of yet. The idea is to show that more and more people are living happy, successful lives in harmony with nature... Are we this selfish that we are going to leave a dying Earth for our children and grandchildren?

Progress over Profit, progress over power

So please check out our Gofundme at

We would greatly appreciate any help and so would mother nature. (How's that for a guilt trip)
Edited on 22-02-2015 02:40
22-02-2015 02:50
DesertphileProfile picture☆☆☆☆☆
No. There are tens of thousands of other people doing the same thing: why should anyone give you money? Why should anyone give you money and not the thousands of others?
22-02-2015 03:01
Just asking for help for a good cause with two people genuinely interested in changing the world. This documentary will hopefully just be a starting point. Again, thanks either way, but especially if you can help.
Edited on 22-02-2015 03:02
23-02-2015 13:07
Abraham3Profile picture★★☆☆☆
Good luck (I guess) but I'm quite certain our money is better spent elsewhere. Have you considered getting far enough back into that rat race that someone will pay your for work and you can earn the money you need through your own labors?

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