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Weather bomb terror!

Weather bomb terror!15-12-2014 23:07
The weather certainly seems to be getting more and more political these days. I'm hoping this post might create a talking point.

People from outside of the UK might be interested to hear that last week our news media were trying to terrorise us with talk of a "WEATHER BOMB!!!" Everyone run for cover, there's a weather bomb on the way!

In reality it was just a little bit windy, like we usually get at this time of the year. I found a clip on Youtube that covers it quite well. The guy narrating is slightly skeptical of man-made climate change, shall we say.
16-12-2014 05:08
Abraham3Profile picture★★☆☆☆
What was the weather bomb supposed to be? The UK is in an analogous position to the US Pacific northwest. They did receive some severe weather recently.
29-01-2015 13:25
Is climate change really man made? Or is it natural and man just disturbed it abnormally.
30-01-2015 04:15
Abraham3Profile picture★★☆☆☆
Human activity is the primary cause of the warming we've experienced over the last 150 years.
30-01-2015 04:30
Abraham3 wrote:
Human activity is the primary cause of the warming we've experienced over the last 150 years.

yes, it could be. but the earth has its natural cycle of warming up or cooling down. the variables involved are too complex to declare that only human activity is primary cause of warming.

i remembered that super cold event that happened in america last year, was it caused by human intervention on global warming? or just earth's natural metabolism firing up?

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