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Tanzanias respond towards Global warming

Tanzanias respond towards Global warming15-12-2014 21:18
Hey! I'm doing a project about global warming and I was given Tanzania. We are supposed to find info about what this country does to solve the problem (global warming). Since Tanzania is not the most developed country, this might not be their main concern and this is why I can't find any data. So if you know something about what the Tanzanian government is trying to do to "solve" the global warming issue, please let me know
16-12-2014 05:02
Abraham3Profile picture★★☆☆☆
Tanzania was very likely involved in the meeting that just took place in Peru (Quito, I think). An agreement was reached. That would probably constitute a great deal of their future action on the issue. You might also try to find out if they were one of the original signatories to the Kyoto Protocols.
20-02-2015 18:23
g00d t0 hear small and devel0ping nati0ns being active in push f0r c0mbating climate change and gl0bal warming. If only bigger, devel0ped nations would unite t0gether in the cause i believe we could achieve s0mething m0re and c0me up with great s0luti0ns.

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