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Arctic sea ice maximum 2014

Arctic sea ice maximum 201429-03-2014 13:41
I posted earlier on the Antarctic sea ice minimum last month, which was the second highest on record. I thought it would be good to also post on this month's arctic maximum.

JAXA data is here
UIUC data is here

While both sources measure slightly differently, both have Arctic maximum coming in at the 5th lowest on record with the 10 year average declining to a record low on each.

Long term averages charted here
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02-04-2014 22:33
Constantin Films
Wow Great Joshuah!

I seemed to have heard that the Northern Polar ice caps where not actually diminishing but actually increasing in size. This was apparently due to the non-homogenious effect go 'Global' warming, so in fact the permafrost layer was widening; and as a consequence the Ice cap was expanding. However, upon seeing your data I believe this is not entirely correct?

In addition I have something Interesting you might want to see; I made this for the 'Action4Climate' competition organised by the World Bank. I think it might interest you as it outlines the negative climate change effects I witnessed first hand upon my trip to Greenland!

To see the competition page, search

Thanks for your attention,

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19-08-2014 13:49
just sayin
there is no arctic ice is just seasonal sea realize this?
26-11-2014 13:43
Abraham3Profile picture★★☆☆☆
It is sea ice and varies seasonally, but within human history it has never completely melted.

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