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Colerado University trend map

Colerado University trend map22-12-2014 14:19
I very much appreciate the work that Colorado University are doing measuring the sea level of the oceans. I am a big user of their website.

At present, there are a few gaps in their data, namely

- The southern part of the North Sea
- Parts of the Baltic Sea
- The Caspian Sea
- Lake Victoria in Africa
- The Persian Gulf
- The Yellow Sea
- The Great Lakes in the United States
- Hudson Bay in Canada
- The Arafura Sea close to Australia
- The Golf of Thialand

You can see the missing data as the grey areas on their Trend Map

I want to whish the CU staff a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year hoping the will close the gaps next year.
Edited on 22-12-2014 14:27
22-12-2014 21:07
Neither the Great Lakes nor Lake Victoria are oceans, so it comes as no surprise that CU doesn't include those bodies of water in its inventory of changing sea levels. That said, the levels in the great lakes are certainly available online for anyone who cares to browse the data.
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