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Why trafn no longer moderates the Sharing Ideas sub-forum.

Why trafn no longer moderates the Sharing Ideas sub-forum.02-11-2015 11:25
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(author's note: I sent this to branner in a private message (PM) earlier today.)


It became evident to me earlier last week that you were not serious about having effective moderation on this website, so while I was still trying to appeal to you on correcting the current conflicting situation you have created with the Sharing Ideas sub-forum (SI), I have also been talking with other climate change websites about posting and moderating with them.

On the good side, several have expressed interest, and we are progressing toward an agreement. On the sad side, I have learned from them about this site's general reputation on the internet as being nothing more than a troll training ground, and your reputation as being nothing more than its ring leader. Of course, when I first came here, I was completely naive about all of this and saw your website as only a great opportunity to participate in making something great for the internet. Oh well.

Anyways, if you ever get tired of this troll shit-fest you've created and want to be taken seriously by the rest of the world, let me know and I'll try to help you. Otherwise, good bye.

Moderator of Sharing Ideas - Resigned

PS - I am posting this in SI so people will understand why I've stopped moderating. As it only contains my content and no one else's, it is not in violation of your quoting guidelines (i.e. - I give myself permission to use my own PM content).

The 2015 M2C2 (Global 9/11) Denialist Troll Awards

1st Place - Jep Branner - Our Stupid Administrator!
2nd Place - IBdaMann - Science IS cherry picking!
3rd Place - Into the Night - Mr. Nonsense numbers!
4th Place - Tim the plumber - The Drivel Queen!

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02-11-2015 11:39


What are you doing..???
You say yes to a moderation job day one and day two you say goodbye if you can not be allowed to moderate the whole page.
How serious is that..?
I think your climate war here is going just a little too fast and now a thread started by me as a hostage is in danger of destruction because of it.

02-11-2015 15:38
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@Jakob - yes, sadly I was only moderating for a few days. When I agreed to do this, I thought the website adminstrator - branner - and I were on the same page about the whole reason for having this moderated sub-forum: to give people a harassment free space for posting.

As moderator, I only had oversight of activities inside of Sharing Ideas (SI). Unfortunately, branner allows people, like IBdaMann and Into the Night, to extract content from SI for the sole purpose of humiliating people who post inside of SI. This defeats the whole purpose of having SI in the first place.

On the bright side, in addition to being a troll training website, it is also useful for people like you and I who want to have an honest discussion about climate change science issues. Here, you can learn how to deal with assholes like IBdaMann, Into the Night, and Tim the plumber, so that when you meet other trolls on other websites, you will be better able to deal with their bullshit.

In the end, if anyone is to blame for this, it is branner. It's his website which is running by his rules, and those rules have turned into a troll shit-fest.

The 2015 M2C2 (Global 9/11) Denialist Troll Awards

1st Place - Jep Branner - Our Stupid Administrator!
2nd Place - IBdaMann - Science IS cherry picking!
3rd Place - Into the Night - Mr. Nonsense numbers!
4th Place - Tim the plumber - The Drivel Queen!
02-11-2015 19:26
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Dear trafn

I write this as a public reply and keep it short.

I'm sorry for any misunderstandings here. I created the Sharing Ideas sub-forum as a special PUBLIC area of, just as we talked about, not a closed area comparable to Private Messages. As long as posts in SI are meant for the public, people are allowed to quote from them, on other websites as well as here on

But I have of course followed your wish and removed moderator rights. I have closed the SI sub-forum for new post, and kept its content for historical reasons.

I want to thank you for your commitment to try to get the sub-forum up and running, but you are right, it was definitely not the right setup in the current situation. Maybe we can take it up at a later stage, but we need to give it a break.

Edited on 02-11-2015 19:34

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