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Thoughts on Green Energy

Thoughts on Green Energy22-11-2015 01:04
So my question is for the Climate Change "Deniers", skeptics, whatever you want to call them.
What are your thoughts on Green Energy?
22-11-2015 05:47
IBdaMannProfile picture★★★★★
Totototo wrote: What are your thoughts on Green Energy?

"Green Energy" is still too expensive and limited. Private businesses should pursue its advancement while we take advantage of the cheap, plentiful energy in fossil fuels.


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22-11-2015 09:03
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Totototo wrote:
What are your thoughts on Green Energy?

There is little 'green' about green energy.

First off, it produces a trivial amount of power for the equipment it uses and the cost. Here in Washington, we are blessed with hydroelectric power, yet that isn't considered 'green' energy because of the so-called damage done by having dams.

One hydroelectric power plant produces more power than all the wind farms, solar plants, even nuclear power plants combined (our one nuke is number two in power production).

Second, what is 'green' energy? Hydro? Nuclear? Coal? Oil? Wind? Tide? Geothermal? Wood? Solar? What makes it 'green'?

No matter how you look at it, none of these are good for all cases. Coal is cheap and can burn very clean. Oil is a bit more expensive but translates well to mobile power supplies (automobiles, ships, aircraft, railroads, etc). Nukes are fixed supplies and use a tiny amount of fuel. They also have the problem of spent fuel recycling or storage. Hydro produces a large amount of power but cannot be installed everywhere. Some people have real problems with the dams they typically require. Wood produces a lot of soot. Wood, Solar, Tidal, Geothermal, and wind sources produce piddle power and are expensive. These stations are often eyesores with whole hillsides covered with wind turbines.

Personally, I find the hydrocarbon molecule to be the most compact form of cheap chemical power around. I like nukes, and they can be operated safely with modern designs. The problem facing them is the regulations preventing use of modern designs.

I consider hydrocarbons the 'greenest' of the fuel sources, since they can be efficiently burned producing little more than CO2 and water vapor. Other components of the burn dissipate readily. The engines are small and powerful for the power they produce. Coal plants equipped with proper scrubbers are quite good for fixed supplies where hydroelectric power is not practical. Coal is cheap, it's waste products are easily put to useful products, and the remainder is CO2 and water vapor.

Of course, I don't consider CO2 to be a pollutant.

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