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The reality of an open online debate forum

The reality of an open online debate forum15-10-2015 05:18
trafnProfile picture★★★☆☆
Jeppe Branner, who lives in Denmark by the way, has done an amazing job creating and maintaining this website. On the up side, more than being about climate debate, this forum is an open platform that lets everyone in, regardless of educational background or point of view. You wanna say climate change exits, go for it. You wanna say climate change is a hoax, have at it. Either way, you don't need a PhD to do so, and you can do it for free. Given how confusing the information can be on climate change, it's just nice to have a place to share, right or wrong be damned.

On the other not so up side, it's important to remember how emotionally charged this issue really is. For CC believers, it's about saving the planet. For CC deniers, it's about keeping their established lives from being up heaved and torn apart. So, a website like this isn't only going to invite opinions, it's gonna lead to heated, emotional debates in which people are gonna blow off some steam sometimes, too. Of course, if that steams starts getting too hot (hate or harm based), then that's a no-no, but that does leave a lot of wiggle room between being Mother Theresa and having to be locked up for the good of society.

Personally, when I first started posting here, I was not pleased by a lot of the comments I was seeing as they were focused upon criticizing the messenger instead of discussing the message. At one point, I even posted a suggestion here about A better way to post on Then one night a few nights ago, I guess I kinda snapped. I was taking it all so seriously that I just had to vent a little steam. Granted, I'm not the brightest bulb in the Christmas tree, but when it comes to sarcasm, I'm a regular idiot savant and my steam can be a little prickly. But in the end, everything calmed down, and I'm back to my regular self, at least until the next time I feel the need to cut loose for a little while.

So, you see, this is a great site, an informative site, and a very emotional site, and the information and emotions can all be dealt with the same way: you can take them or leave them. Ultimately, you're probably not gonna walk away from here convincing anyone but yourself about what's right or wrong, but there's still great value in having a place to share our thoughts and ideas without having to pay an admission fee, without having to have a PhD, and without having to worry that someone's gonna take it too seriously if you cut loose every now and then.

Thanks Jeppe!

The 2015 M2C2 (Global 9/11) Denialist Troll Awards

1st Place - Jep Branner - Our Stupid Administrator!
2nd Place - IBdaMann - Science IS cherry picking!
3rd Place - Into the Night - Mr. Nonsense numbers!
4th Place - Tim the plumber - The Drivel Queen!

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