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I have a theory, on what causes glacials and interglacials

I have a theory, on what causes glacials and interglacials31-12-2015 02:24
Tai Hai Chen
During interglacial, there is decreasing weight on land. This reduces tectonic activity. The result is decreasing heat under the ocean and consequently decreasing temperature. This is how interglacials trigger glacials.

During glacial, there is increasing weight on land. This increases tectonic activity. The result is increasing heat under the ocean and consequently increasing temperature. This is how glacials trigger interglacials.

We know, the ocean is one of the two biggest sources of heat on Earth. The other being the Sun. This is why places near the sea, like Iceland, is much warmer, about 30 C warmer, than places of similar latitude but far from the sea, like Siberia.

What do you think?

This chart shows the alternating occurrences of glacials and interglacials.
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31-12-2015 02:31
Tai Hai Chen
You can see in this tool that the ocean is one of the drivers of climate. It is one of the main sources of heat on Earth. Even if there is no Sun, Earth would be considerably warmer than the Moon.,21.67,274/loc=-155.809,59.639
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31-12-2015 03:51
Tai Hai Chen
What is known is that, from the last glacial to this interglacial, happened very fast as temperature increased 10 C and CO2 increased from 180 ppm to 280 ppm over a few hundred years. Ocean outgassing of CO2 due to increased temperature cannot account for this. If the ocean outgasses CO2, the ocean would also outgas O2, and the composition of the air would not change. We know in the summer, CO2 decreases by about 6 ppm due to plants absorbing CO2 into their leaves in the summer, and in the fall, CO2 increases by about 6 ppm due to plants shedding leaves which decompose. The only plausible reason, in my opinion, that CO2 increased from 180 ppm to 280 ppm during the most recent transition, was due to tremendous tectonic activity, volcanoes and hot vents under the oceans, after the land became so heavy with glacier buildup that the tipping point was tripped which made Earth's tectonic activity go crazy high.
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31-12-2015 04:22
Tai Hai Chen
Recent re examination of ice core data confirmed no lag between change in CO2 and change in temperature, that these two moved together in lockstep. This suggests that higher tectonic activity was the cause for increase in temperature from the LGM to the Holocene.

However, what I do not agree with the article is I do not think CO2 increases temperature. I think tectonic activity increases temperature as kinetic energy is converted into heat energy, heating up the ocean.
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31-12-2015 06:06
Tai Hai Chen
Think about it. What can possibly cause CO2 to jump from 180 ppm to 280 ppm and temperature to jump 10 C over only a few hundred years when the transition to Holocene occurred? It has to be because of heightened tectonic activity. What could have possibly cause this heightened tectonic activity? It must have been the huge amount of pressure exerted by the huge amount of ice buildup on land.
31-12-2015 09:24
IBdaMannProfile picture★★★★★
Tai Hai Chen wrote:
During interglacial, there is decreasing weight on land. This reduces tectonic activity.

Ummm, no. Tectonic plates are floating on molten magma. The weight of ice atop is of no consequence.

Heavy ships drift in an ocean current just as life rafts.

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