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What a price!

What a price!06-12-2015 23:43
Lars Kristensen
No polar bear on ice

what a price.


No more ice for polar bear

what should we fear.
07-12-2015 13:36
Tim the plumber

Are you complaining that the Polar bears will not have ice to hunt on or that they will be able to hunt the ceals easily because they will not have ice to hide on and will have to give birth on the coast?

Or what?

They, the bears, managed to get throught previous periods of no Arctic ice.

Edited on 07-12-2015 13:37
07-12-2015 14:11
IBdaMannProfile picture★★★★★
Lars Kristensen wrote:
No polar bear on ice

what a price.


No more ice for polar bear

what should we fear.

Seeing as how ice is accumulating at both poles, the only potential problem facing polar bears is the possibility of too much ice, ...or would that not really be a problem?


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