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burning fossil fuels is doing God's bidding

burning fossil fuels is doing God's bidding04-01-2016 16:59
Tai Hai Chen
Yes CO2 is a greenhouse gas. It is wholly beneficial. It causes Earth to warm and become more hospitable and it is very good for plants and by extension the entire biosphere. Indeed, land and ocean biomass have already increased 25% since pre industrial times.

CAGW alarmists will never get the catastrophes they scare people with. CAGW alarmists might try to deprive Earth of this God given gift known as CO2 but they will fail. Human WILL burn more fossil fuels and there's nothing they can do about it. CAGW alarmists, including the Catholic Pope, are trying to go up against God, so they will fail and they will lose, BIG.
04-01-2016 17:12
Tai Hai Chen
On the other hand, polluting the oceans with man made chemicals is depleting oxygen, which is the real problem at hand. Without a CO2 enriched vegetation stock, the world be running out of oxygen.

Oxygen level was 35% when the asteroid hit. Today it is less than 21%. In cities oxygen is only about 15%.

Humans have polluted the environment with man made chemicals for 100 years, the so called 100 years of chemicals, and continues to do so.

CO2 is the savior, for without CO2, there will not be enough vegetation to provide oxygen for Earth's animals, including people.
Edited on 04-01-2016 17:18
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