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Area of 66S-66N

Area of 66S-66N21-12-2014 17:33
Measurement of the global sea level based on the satellite coverage area of 66S-66N. This area cover approximately 90% of the world's oceans total area, but I have not seen the calculations behind this figure.

Has anyone seen a reference for calculating the areas of

Artic Ocean north of 66n
Antarctic Ocean south of 66S

and I can do the rest by my self ?

It's a bit awkward to identify squares and calculated areas even
10-02-2015 14:05
Abraham3Profile picture★★☆☆☆
I'm sure NOAA or University of Colorado have such information, or such tools. I have seen freeware tools (many years back) that would allow you to trace an arbitrary area on screen and would tell you what the area was. Of course you'd have to deal with whatever mapping distortions were present, but you'd have a start.
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