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CCS from the air

CCS from the air24-12-2015 18:33
Tai Hai Chen
Let's say the UN give the order to capture CO2 from the air, very expensive at tens of trillions of dollars but let's say paid by American taxpayers, and sequester into the ground, to what level of CO2 should the air be reduced to? Pre industrial level of 280 ppm?

I already proven mathematically, air pressure won't change and so Earth will still be 15 C unless Earth's temperature changes naturally.
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24-12-2015 19:34
Tai Hai Chen
I think contractors can make a lot of money, tens of trillions of taxpayer money. Let's say Donald Trump is contracted to build thousands of these CO2 air CCS facilities each costing billions of taxpayer dollars and then earns hundreds of taxpayer dollars per ton of CO2 CCSed, he would be a multi trillionaire. I think Donald Trump will go for it if he is elected president.
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24-12-2015 20:09
Tai Hai Chen
To reduce CO2 from 406 ppm in 2017 to 280 ppm before 1800, the number of tons of CO2 that must be air CCSed is 720 billion * (406 - 280) / 406 = 223 billion. At a cost of say 500 dollars per ton, the cost of operation, not including building the facilities = 223 billion * 500 = a lot of trillions.

As I have proven, Earth's atmospheric pressure increases temperature from -18 C to 15 C. CO2 does not increase temperature up to 1 decimal place.

Not only will taking CO2 down to 280 ppm not affect temperature, even if Trump is contracted to reduce CO2 level in the air to 280 ppm, there is no guarantee he won't simply take the taxpayer money without actually doing it, might simply run the fans at the cost of taxpayer money without actually CCSing CO2 from the air.
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