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New Global Warming Newsletter-Must READ!!

New Global Warming Newsletter-Must READ!!25-12-2011 18:45
Check it out, I'm working on it, and going to keep updating it.

The Global Warming Times-News, Videos, Updates, Information, Solutions, Activism.

A continuously updated Newsletter.

Let me know what you think! I've got some seriously good information up, Videos too!

Edited on 25-12-2011 18:48
27-02-2012 20:24
awesome just 1 reply and 2000 views!
16-08-2012 17:31
Thanks for posting, an interesting read
27-08-2012 11:04
To take steps against global warming we have to do appropriate assessments for it. So that it could lead us to profit only and we can regain the best environment conditions for our livings.
RE: Please Debate on this question and agree or criticize my answer!10-09-2012 18:43
How are you a 100% sure the Global Warming is happening now?

- Proven scientifically (greenhouse effect, El Nino, Ozone Layer...)
- It would not be such a big deal if it was all a lie, you wouldn't have people investing so much in scientific research for geotechnologies if it wasn't happening.
- Almost more than 400 authors have taken part in the IPCC which provides the world with a clear scientific view on the current state of knowledge in climate change and its potential environmental and socio-economic impacts.
- It has been shown on graphs that temperatures are rising faster than they should be.

- Yes I agree on the fact that it is a partially natural phenomenon just as the Medieval Warm Period in the 1000s.
- I agree that temperatures have been rising since the last Ice Age but we have seen that they concretely starting rising in the 1850s, a 100 years after the Industrial Revolution (this 100 year gap is the lag effect)
- If you may say some organizations are making a profit out of it please tell me which ones? But in my point of view I wouldn't exactly say the wind turbines enterprises are making a profit because they aren't very successful in most of the countries of the world. However I do agree on the fact that some may be taking advantage of it. For instance, Algore's Inconvenient Truth might have been a way to help him be elected for the presidential, although the documentary did really move me.

If any has read this please try and add some information to the answer.
19-09-2012 15:32
We lost the Arctic at somewhere between 350 and 400ppm CO2. We know that Antarctica didn't form ice sheets untill CO2 dipped below 450ppm 35 million years ago.

Where do we see the line being drawn? We now have the albedo Flip driving more rapid change than CO2 ever did so how long before these impacts break through the splendid isolation that our affair with CFC's placed Antarctica in? It already has 30 years of warmth starting to seep in (via the southern ocean sneaking under the barrier and heading on from Pine Island toward Ross) so what happens when the southern hemisphere's teleconnections with the north import the extra energy we now have here?

In my mind there is no way we will not break the 450ppm 'barrier'....ho hum!
21-09-2012 21:08
You may want to recheck your data on Antarctica. First, the continental interiot temperature averages -50. No melting will occur at that temperature. Second, the continent has been cooling for 150 years, and has experienced a slight temperature drop over the past 30 years (contrary to the Arctic). Finally, sea ice surrounding the continent is at an all-time high this winter.

Weighing in all the data, even if we shoot past 450ppm, no melting of Antarctic will occur.
08-11-2012 22:56
Antarctica is melting?

I agree that the temps in the 'high places' are among the coldest on earth but dispute your temperature assertions?

Any check through the literature will show you that the has been limited cooling ,over the part 30yrs , and only in certain areas. The peninsula shows the greatest warming rate on the planet (higher than the Arctic!).

& years ago we saw a study showing a huge ruck in the ross ice shelf. KIt was as though a fast moving glacier suddenly slammed into a wall. This must have been the formation of the sea bed contack (and if 'sticking' there) The ruck puts a lot of pressure on that ice front should the basal contact fail (like a spring waiting to fire the rest of the shelf out to sea. Ross is the drain for most of the E.A.I.S., the one we were told not to worry about?, and it looks like the warm southern ocean breach (that had past PI.G. 4 years ago) is now closing in on the base of Ross. Large calve from Ross this or next summer?
03-02-2015 19:08
Please could you view or follow our cafod blog thanks Https:// it focuses on the problems of climate change and how it directly relates to those suffering in other countries.
04-02-2015 02:38
We need to carefully assess the current data and statistics in order to carefully respond to it. Global Warming or not, we need to do something in order to maintain and improve current environmental conditions here on our planet. If not, then we are just creating a harsher and more difficult place to live in for our future descendants.

Join the debate New Global Warming Newsletter-Must READ!!:

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