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CO2 increasing too fast (Climate debate in general)22203426-02-2017
Mr. Wake (Climate debate in general)58387026-02-2017
Volcanic & Green House Gases, Melt Polar Caps (Climate debate in general)9155325-02-2017
Ocean is rising, WHY! I need you to add to my list (Climate debate in general)33202225-02-2017
Liberals View of Americans (Climate debate in general)4108625-02-2017
California Liberals (Climate debate in general)4119325-02-2017
97% Consensis on AGW? (Climate debate in general)44350725-02-2017
True Believers (Climate debate in general)20162925-02-2017
Vostok Data (Climate debate in general)4156525-02-2017
Global warming is a joke. (Climate debate in general)25189124-02-2017
The Hockey Stick Controversy (Climate debate in general)26186524-02-2017
Global cooling in 2030 it's true??? (Climate debate in general)133918224-02-2017
water and air have a moderating effect and a heating effect (Climate debate in general)22185024-02-2017
July hottest month since records began say nasa (Climate debate in general)54418624-02-2017
How about a boycott campaign against Trump's USA? (Climate Policy)14634424-02-2017
Students Against Climate Change (Climate debate in general)7130024-02-2017
Corrections (Climate debate in general)21148222-02-2017
An Explaination of Skeptics. (Explanations)191275221-02-2017
Neurosis And Global Warming (Climate debate in general)8115619-02-2017
Another Step Forward (Climate debate in general)089618-02-2017
Why Recycle? (Climate debate in general)4113818-02-2017
IPCC and Climate Alarm - How It Started (Climate debate in general)35218217-02-2017
next step-human kulling (Climate debate in general)10149817-02-2017
Heliogenic global cooling & ice age this year (Climate debate in general)47763517-02-2017
Co2 (Climate debate in general)4123117-02-2017
Best US presidential candidate (Climate Policy)14608216-02-2017
The Ramifications of Climate Change Policies. (Climate Policy)14612616-02-2017
Funny Numbers (Climate debate in general)27187816-02-2017
Hypothesis (Climate debate in general)8126616-02-2017
2016 hottest year on record (Climate debate in general)11145115-02-2017
Climate Scientist (Climate debate in general)187714-02-2017
the atmosphere is has enough density to trap heat by conduction (Climate debate in general)79459810-02-2017
Sea Level Rise (Climate debate in general)33235210-02-2017
Energy Action Fuel Poverty and Climate Action Conference 2017 (Events etc.)1581209-02-2017
I have done the correct experiment and concluded CO2 does not affect temperature (Climate debate in general)37250309-02-2017
Is Obama's 10 bucks per barrel oil tax a good idea? (Climate Policy)35714408-02-2017
COP21 - China can rule (Climate Policy)29647407-02-2017
Why ethanol is actually worse than fossil fuels for the environment (at least in the US) (Climate Policy)8585707-02-2017
excessive heat creation factor (Climate debate in general)40362306-02-2017
Trolls in heat (Climate debate in general)6124003-02-2017
Traitor in the Whitehouse (Climate debate in general)36218603-02-2017
Liberals have mental disease caused by anthropogenic chemicals (Climate debate in general)1118003-02-2017
The role of business in climate change (Climate debate in general)1100503-02-2017
What can I do professionally? (Climate debate in general)12144102-02-2017
White House Petition: The United States must stop investing in fossil fuels and lead the global e... (Climate debate in general)6156502-02-2017
A slightly different angle (Climate debate in general)99630502-02-2017
I agree CO2 should be restricted, but not for the reason promoted (Climate debate in general)4127331-01-2017
Far reaching effects of global warming (Climate debate in general)1112220-01-2017
SOLUTION TO GLOBAL WARMING (Climate debate in general)0109319-01-2017
CO2 will be more than 428 ppm in 8 years (Climate debate in general)5125318-01-2017
435 ppm is enough (Climate debate in general)2146218-01-2017
Infrastructure fuels warming (Climate debate in general)6389213-01-2017
Climate Change Mitigation Option (Climate debate in general)1113112-01-2017
Albert Einstein said. (Climate debate in general)21180311-01-2017
Jet Fuel - Aeroplanes - And Their Impact on Global Warming (Climate debate in general)12176710-01-2017
Reversing Climate Change with Renewable Energy Sources (Explanations)46829710-01-2017
Having commuist goverment countries and developing countries are causing pollution, global warmin... (Climate debate in general)26263010-01-2017
CO2 data seems highly suspicious to me (Climate debate in general)8138909-01-2017
What Are Trump's Opinions On Climate Change? (Other)24706608-01-2017
Help us complete our climate change survey! (Climate debate in general)0110106-01-2017
help us! take a quick survey (Climate debate in general)0123705-01-2017
CO2 increasing too much and people suffocate and become stupid like this (Climate debate in general)0125804-01-2017
Just one simple question (Climate debate in general)36240504-01-2017
We will !!! (Climate debate in general)1101704-01-2017
Where the 97% consensus among scientists comes from (Explanations)351474731-12-2016
IS GLOBAL PRECIPITATION INCREASING? (Explanations)3551931-12-2016
It's Going to Be the Warmest Christmas at the North Pole Ever (Climate debate in general)6129428-12-2016
When it comes to solving M2C2, is technology our saviour or the ghost in the machine? (Technology)27832424-12-2016
Let's Revisit Earth's Ice Accumulation (Climate debate in general)3021583824-12-2016
Here in China, anyone who talks about global warming will be labeled a liberal and arrested and l... (Climate debate in general)51421924-12-2016
South-East Asia climate problem... (Climate debate in general)5139623-12-2016
The sufferance of people in Viet Nam, Changing climate cause the history flood (Climate debate in general)41370522-12-2016
How tax policies can save the planet! (Climate debate in general)19168021-12-2016
American High School Students React to Climate Change (Climate debate in general)28219221-12-2016
Arctic ice trends for November (Climate debate in general)19251020-12-2016
Trump says no one knows if climate change is real (Climate debate in general)24178920-12-2016
glacer girl controvesy (Climate debate in general)23249317-12-2016
liberal climate change scientists are in bad trouble now (Climate debate in general)19181116-12-2016
It's like disputing gravity (Climate debate in general)54365314-12-2016
warmer is always better (Climate debate in general)22183407-12-2016
climate change is a liberal mental problem caused by man made chemicals proliferation (Climate debate in general)20177507-12-2016
Donald Trump can use climate change to gain votes (Climate debate in general)0100507-12-2016
Wind Plan from Utility or Solar Panels (Technology)0612806-12-2016
climate change alarmists had their brains damaged by household man made chemicals (Climate debate in general)7127104-12-2016
President Trump and climate change policy (Climate debate in general)113799203-12-2016
Carbon losses from soil predicted to enhance climate change (Climate debate in general)25201703-12-2016
Great Barrier Reef (Climate debate in general)21173103-12-2016
Help with math (Explanations)29697702-12-2016
CO2 increased from 387 ppm in 2009 to 404 ppm in 2016. Obama is a lying sleazy scumbag who scammed (Climate debate in general)6126701-12-2016
Many factors for climate variation (Explanations)36644630-11-2016
So how exactly does this Evil Liberal Governmental Science Conspiracy do... anything? (Climate debate in general)80545530-11-2016
This forum is very disappointing (Climate debate in general)21209028-11-2016
Climate change denial (Climate debate in general)8155728-11-2016
2016 'very likely' the warmest year (Climate debate in general)46386528-11-2016
New Posters beware! (Climate debate in general)45509826-11-2016
study on how climate science is being perceived (Climate debate in general)17148225-11-2016
comparison of Earth's surface and the ISS's surface (Climate debate in general)9128421-11-2016
Global Carbon Budget release 2016 (Climate debate in general)22198421-11-2016
from a political perspect, climate change is good for votes (Climate debate in general)1104121-11-2016
US Elects to Ditch Global Warming Crap (Climate debate in general)19173218-11-2016
The American Climate Pledge: How we can Honor the Paris Agreement (Climate debate in general)1104915-11-2016
Take my Climate Change Awareness survey :) (Climate debate in general)0108115-11-2016
Not exactly climate related, but increasing CO2 is making society stupid (Climate debate in general)20194912-11-2016
Coal is the Answer (Climate debate in general)8160412-11-2016
"The temperature record is unreliable!" (Climate debate in general)1801097709-11-2016
Don't make a choice that your children will regret (Climate debate in general)9172408-11-2016
A momentous occasion! (Climate debate in general)1113008-11-2016
Is "Climate" Concern Genuine? (Climate debate in general)16153607-11-2016
I have a theory (Climate debate in general)118666428-10-2016
Relevant Quotations (Climate debate in general)096924-10-2016
Earth and the Refrigeration Effect (Climate debate in general)8158124-10-2016
IBdaMann's Signature (Fun)31653120-10-2016
hurricanes during the ice age? (Climate debate in general)145883919-10-2016
A "challenge" for you, IB and Into (Climate debate in general)92553318-10-2016
Global Warming: Weak in Argument but Strong in Faith (Climate debate in general)2481295218-10-2016
Crooked Hillary makes fun of climate change environmentalists (Climate debate in general)22155418-10-2016
Hilarious Strawmen by the Deniers (Fun)871028318-10-2016
Do you really think its going to be too late to reverse the effects of climate change? (Climate debate in general)48358117-10-2016
What is this Church of Marxism? (Climate debate in general)172917116-10-2016
Side effects of injecting sulfur into the atmosphere (geoengineering) (Climate debate in general)9181414-10-2016
You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. (Climate debate in general)41310313-10-2016
The issue of the Moral Fallacy (Climate debate in general)6125913-10-2016
Is this one good enough? (Climate debate in general)48355713-10-2016
irreversible global warming (Climate debate in general)5116211-10-2016
But how can Global WARMING make some places cooler? Or similarly, droughts AND torrential rains? (Climate debate in general)8164009-10-2016
What is heat? (Climate debate in general)188996108-10-2016
Gore finally got his white whale after 11yrs. (Climate debate in general)1137607-10-2016
whats warming the world (Climate debate in general)47355007-10-2016
I'm not quite so sure, though (Climate debate in general)156786705-10-2016
Tai Hai Chen runs for president? (Climate debate in general)12142505-10-2016
Maybe I'll understand you if we take this topic one question at a time? (Climate debate in general)15148905-10-2016
greenies are going about it the wrong way (Climate debate in general)19178305-10-2016
the world passes 400ppm for the last time (Climate debate in general)18154130-09-2016
Just For A Laugh (The Dogma Quiz) (Climate debate in general)6124230-09-2016
Realclimate and the silliest arguments of climate deniers (Climate debate in general)49333929-09-2016
Argumentum ex fitque (Climate debate in general)97592728-09-2016
Everyone has his own right to believe in anyone. No one has the right to force anyone else to bel... (Climate debate in general)22154827-09-2016
the CO2 and H2O back radiation greenhouse theory is wrong and violates the laws of phyics (Climate debate in general)6147827-09-2016
When we measure temperature, we don't measure the ground temperature, we measure the air (Climate debate in general)4115726-09-2016
Do you agree with Gary Johnson? (Climate debate in general)6113526-09-2016
You have no proof an atmosphere of 100% oxygen is not as effective as the current atmosphere in t... (Climate debate in general)11174025-09-2016
CO2 increased 44% since 1850. No effect on temperature. Experimental result (Climate debate in general)19189125-09-2016
Fallacy Fallacy (Climate debate in general)61376224-09-2016
there is no average Earth temperature (Climate debate in general)32200924-09-2016
Basic arithmetic (Climate debate in general)134767724-09-2016
Climate change, how it is viewed through social media (Climate debate in general)48323824-09-2016
Various other environmental concerns (Climate debate in general)1105124-09-2016
Read this and think (Climate debate in general)49337924-09-2016
Humans are part of nature. Everything humans do is God's will. (Climate debate in general)18147724-09-2016
Clarification (Climate debate in general)60362024-09-2016
33 degrees C (Climate debate in general)55395324-09-2016
I've been having some doubts (Climate debate in general)9125224-09-2016
Is GW religious? (Climate debate in general)71420823-09-2016
the atmosphere is a blanket, traps heat (Climate debate in general)42324323-09-2016
Let's Get Back On Track (Climate debate in general)29189722-09-2016
The First Law of Thermodynamics (Climate debate in general)64379521-09-2016
Stop the ad hominems (Climate debate in general)12122220-09-2016
Nithane? Are you insane? (Explanations)20686120-09-2016
XKCD earth temperarture; (Climate debate in general)118699520-09-2016
Hilarious scientifically illiterate posts by 'greenhouse' effect deniers (Fun)27854320-09-2016
Preferred word in lieu of "GW Denier" (Climate debate in general)40295020-09-2016
Conflict between data and laws (Climate debate in general)4112220-09-2016
the atmosphere doesn't need CO2 and H2O to generate heat (Climate debate in general)4118020-09-2016
Media Hype and Climate Alarmism (Climate debate in general)1105719-09-2016
CO2 acts as a "setting" for how much H2O in atmosphere (Climate debate in general)25172419-09-2016
climate change affects crops (Climate debate in general)26164519-09-2016
Multilayer nature of atmosphere explains global warming (Climate debate in general)8120518-09-2016
A potential source of asymmetry - methods of heat dissipation (Climate debate in general)11142018-09-2016
What is driving global warming? (Climate debate in general)6120918-09-2016
Why would the atmosphere not trap heat when ocean traps heat? (Climate debate in general)13152016-09-2016
temperature increasing because the atmospheric mass is increasing (Climate debate in general)8132116-09-2016
The Earth is already heated by the atmosphere (Climate debate in general)19148016-09-2016
Why doesn't Exxon sell cigarettes? (Climate Philosophy)19722016-09-2016
Why CO2 increases temperature more than O2 and N2 do. (Climate debate in general)9139616-09-2016
Global Warming Bests Maxwell's Demon (Climate debate in general)17159315-09-2016
James Hansen is wrong. The atmosphere, not the CO2 in the atmosphere, increases temperature by 33 C (Climate debate in general)0104415-09-2016
Increased meat consumption = Increased climate change + environmental degredation (Climate debate in general)8151314-09-2016
heat retention capability of CO2 versus O2 and N2? (Climate debate in general)5369414-09-2016
burning fossil fuels should result in a major cooling factor, here's why (Climate debate in general)7174714-09-2016
CO2 Lags About 2,000 Years Behind on Temperature Changes (Climate debate in general)117789809-09-2016
I have come to the conclusion CO2 is irrelevant (Climate debate in general)1122607-09-2016
Scientific Theories? (Climate debate in general)50377607-09-2016
Why sea level rise will be a good thing. (Climate debate in general)48465606-09-2016
ITS THE SUN, STUPID (Climate debate in general)33300706-09-2016
Record temperatures, AGW accelerating (Climate debate in general)16183902-09-2016
The EU and Climate Change (Climate debate in general)7140702-09-2016
Sharing a flat with IBdaMann (Climate debate in general)0111002-09-2016
The Cause of Ice Ages: Crustal Displacements (Climate debate in general)7138131-08-2016
Climate Change Leading to Ice Age (Explanations)8622227-08-2016
NASA says "Global Cooling!" (Explanations)431056125-08-2016
Global Warming (Explanations)38803821-08-2016
Solar Roadways. Solar panels on the roads (Technology)8706910-08-2016
Why Climate Change Will Lead To Religious Laws (Climate debate in general)5133508-08-2016
Impacts of Climate change (Climate debate in general)7146228-07-2016
An MSc dissertation survey - takes 10 mins max (Climate debate in general)23241326-07-2016
The Global Temperature Model (Climate debate in general)40401723-07-2016
University Physics textbook re the 'greenhouse' effect (Explanations)19672722-07-2016
NOAA lying? (Climate debate in general)4140918-07-2016
Comparing three warm periods (Climate debate in general)4300118-07-2016
Why is CO2 increasing so much faster? (Climate debate in general)1116512-07-2016
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