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This Could Be Like The Climate Debate

This Could Be Like The Climate Debate18-03-2019 18:46
When the pieces of the climate debate puzzle don't fit, it doesn't bother people. Some will argue over the definition of a word which in itself can be meaningless. It's merely an attempt to use logic without considering events that science might help to explain.
As is told in here, There is no Global Warming without CO2. Natural variation isn't a consideration. This is where the only thing that can be debated is if there is Global Warming or not.
Of course with the story the link is about, it's always possible that a caldera was filled with quartzite at the end of the last ice age. And then when the caldera lifted, the quartzite that filled it became a mountain.

In 1991, Class saw a few pieces herself while working on her doctoral research on the islands. "All those years, it has bothered me that I didn't understand how those rocks got there," she told Live Science.
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