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Meet the women deciding not to have kids because of climate change

Meet the women deciding not to have kids because of climate change07-03-2019 14:48
Tai Hai Chen
07-03-2019 18:21
These are the exact same women that had 30 other reasons for never having children. One of my daughters can't have children because of a inherent problem. So she is trying to adopt children. There are simply no white children in California. And the adoption rules are so stupid that it appears like they are purposely trying to force children into living in group homes. Why would you need to have total background checks every time you try to adopt? When you pull some poor black child out of a home in which the mother and "mother's friend" are both drug addicts and have been abusing the children and put them into a home in which they are thriving - in which the mother stays home with the children and the father is a mathematics teacher that can help these children catch up in their education and then pull them out again after 4 months and put them back into the mother's home again because she supposedly was clean for 3 months - they only did this 5 times.

So these women are doing nothing more than using this as an excuse to explain that they are too self-centered to have children. Or that you cannot stand to be around them and so they cannot find a man that will marry them. This world can do without any further people like this.
Edited on 07-03-2019 18:23
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