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Canmore students join global protest for climate change action

Canmore students join global protest for climate change action21-03-2019 17:51
Tai Hai Chen
22-03-2019 02:32
Tai Hai Chen wrote:

The problem here is that these students have been propagandized to believe that there is man-made climate change and that CO2 is causing it.

CO2 is causing nothing to speak of except to have caused a blooming of the world's food supply. We presently have about 9 billion people on this planet and hunger has never in history been lower as a percentage of the population.

What these students should be educated with is that environmentalism has been founded on the fact that there are too many people on this planet and that they must in some manner be controlled.

This has taken the shape of the strangest things. Margaret Sanger - the founder of Planned Parenthood - wanted to commit genocide on the black race. Later someone convinced her that wouldn't be sufficient so she and her colleagues actually discussed putting chemicals in water to areas which she didn't like that would sterilize the inhabitants. In China you only had a license to have a single child. That didn't work well since it was a country founded on cheap labor. So now you can and are advised to have two children.

So this over-reaching BS about man-made climate change is about a couple of things - the upper reaches of the white race killing off those brown people (cutting power in India and China which was the real targets) would effectively stop automated planting and starve and entire continent.

It is also about power. The IPCC wants a dictatorial power over the entire world that extends far beyond the powers of the nations. On a smaller scale, there is no such thing as science without government support anymore. So rather than science what we see more and more is a group that maintains their positions and power though government contract.

We were long ago warned about this by President Eisenhower who was perhaps the US Presidents with the farthest sight. Aside from warning us that the weapons industry and the military could be in bed (The Military Industrial Complex) but he also warned us about the government-science collusion and how it can destroy not only science but all of the reasons for having science.

And these "protests" by students around the free world is what is becoming of that. First we gain all sorts of false science that is designed to strike fear into people. Then the government-science complex will come to our rescue. Then this is taught to people who eventually become teachers. These in turn push it onto youngsters to whom this sort of thing is entirely foreign - in school you are expected to listen, learn and shut up. So they are propagandized without even knowing it. They do not believe that this is a fraud because why would their teachers commit fraud on their education - simply put, because this fraud has been growing and spreading since the end of WW II. Everyone but real scientists now believe this. And just like the entire media fell down laughing when Trump decided to run for the office of President these kids and their teachers fall down laughing when they are told that this fraud is just that.

What do you do about these protestors? Nothing. Let them have their crying fit and carry on as if nothing happened. They have been given deadlines and when the deadlines pass and things are colder and not warmer they will begin to wonder if maybe they have been lied to.
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