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A manifesto for tackling the climate change crisis

A manifesto for tackling the climate change crisis16-03-2019 13:35
Tai Hai Chen
16-03-2019 17:18
Into the NightProfile picture★★★★★
So there's a manifesto now? Anything like the Marx manifesto?
16-03-2019 17:20
IBdaMannProfile picture★★★★★
Into the Night wrote:
So there's a manifesto now? Anything like the Marx manifesto?

It is probably a derivative thereof.

A Spaghetti strainer with the faucet running, retains water- tmiddles

Clouds don't trap heat. Clouds block cold. - Spongy Iris

Printing dollars to pay debt doesn't increase the number of dollars. - keepit

If Venus were a black body it would have a much much lower temperature than what we found there.- tmiddles

Ah the "Valid Data" myth of ITN/IBD. - tmiddles

Ceist - I couldn't agree with you more. But when money and religion are involved, and there are people who value them above all else, then the lies begin. - trafn

You are completely misunderstanding their use of the word "accumulation"! - Climate Scientist.

The Stefan-Boltzman equation doesn't come up with the correct temperature if greenhouse gases are not considered - Hank

:*sigh* Not the "raw data" crap. - Leafsdude

IB STILL hasn't explained what Planck's Law means. Just more hand waving that it applies to everything and more asserting that the greenhouse effect 'violates' it.- Ceist

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