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Discuss new inventions and technology of the future, in relation to the climate challenge. Technical discussions about development of renewable energy, transportation etc.

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Filtration of Carbon219515-01-2019
Personal environmental monitor/logger/tracker2021819-12-2018
Uses for solid carbon3171617-09-2018
Carbon Absorbtion261617-09-2018
What are Stacks made from167317-09-2018
Poseidon Foundation - offeset carbon footprints emissions using blockchain208001-08-2018
Blockchain to help Liverpool become world's first climate-positive city177001-08-2018
New wind turbine design394617-07-2018
Gulf of Mexico as heat sink6352106-06-2018
Solutions anyone?25453422-05-2018
"Active" hydraulic draft accelerators fuel less generators302211-05-2018
Next Generation Solar12872404-05-2018
Finally doing something - Concentrated Solar Power Plants366313-04-2018
Hyperloop: Clean transportation?507126-12-2017
My list of recommended renewable energy technologies22232707-10-2017
Manual Way To Stop Climate Change?655351005-10-2017
Can we build an efficient hybrid solar-natural gas engine that emits no CO2?1460305-10-2017
Flooding the desert14761214-07-2017
Anti-Pollution Invention1386201-06-2017
When it comes to solving M2C2, is technology our saviour or the ghost in the machine?22672724-12-2016
Wind Plan from Utility or Solar Panels675006-12-2016
Solar Roadways. Solar panels on the roads2123810-08-2016
Will the world (this generation) allow one man to fix things?15781811-01-2016
Why nuclear will not be a knight in shining armor in the United States1019522-12-2015
New Tree Species Solution1991308-12-2015
Can petrochemicals exist in a carbon-neutral world?21513323-10-2015
I present to you my Climate&Energy solutions and leads and quests I wrote/made over the past 2 years1293410-10-2015
Do hydro-electic dam reservoirs really fart?1231608-10-2015
CNN: Wind farms of the future may be underwater1047015-12-2014
GE breakthrough in economical fuel cells1157013-12-2014
Open Climability Suite1733025-03-2014
Short film on geoengineering1421030-01-2014
Load response systems1631023-01-2014
Geoengineering Is a Dangerous Solution to Climate Change2827309-07-2013
graysonline solar1759228-02-2013
What the USA Government has been working on to mitigate the problem4902821-02-2013
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