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Poseidon Foundation - offeset carbon footprints emissions using blockchain

Poseidon Foundation - offeset carbon footprints emissions using blockchain01-08-2018 16:54
Poseidon Foundation, a non-profit organisation committed to offsetting carbon footprints emissions using Stellar blockchain to implement trace-ability and transparency in our business model. Our mission is to empowers everyone, individuals, corporates, and governments, to participate in climate action in a novel way

Carbon Market has huge potential growth, currently worth £10 billion, experts suggest it will reach 185 billion in 2030, the main issue is that this market has high entry level.

Poseidon Foundation solves that issue by generating a new channel of demand through retailers. In fact customers are able to be notified of amount of emissions and are able to donate respective monetary value.

We already achieved great parterships in less than a year, our first pilot project with Ben & Jerry's flagship store in central London, which received a lot positive attention from press.

Also partnership with BAC MONO, first car manufacturer to go climate "positive, and with the government of Malta announced last week.

Last partnership was announced was with Liverpool city, committed to become first city to go climate "positive" by 2020
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