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Climate Change Science 101 (Climate debate in general)8Abraham325-04-2015
The failure of climate change theory (Climate debate in general)50Abraham325-04-2015
How to create actual solutions to global warming (Climate debate in general)11Abraham303-04-2015
United States climate targets – INDCs -- woefully short ... (Climate debate in general)1Abraham302-04-2015
PayC – Disruptive Carbon Offset Initiative (Climate debate in general)0youpayc01-04-2015
Climate Change Shelter? (Private Climate Policy)2Abraham331-03-2015
How To Reduce Climate Change (Climate Policy)5sokoban31-03-2015
Global Cooling Anyone? (Climate debate in general)7Abraham331-03-2015
Solutions anyone? (Technology)1Abraham331-03-2015
No Subject (Climate Policy)0NewsX24727-03-2015
80 year moving average data (Climate debate in general)3seaninak23-03-2015
NASA Weather Map Proves Geoengineering (Climate debate in general)0whitehat16-03-2015
First direct observation of carbon dioxide's greenhouse effect... (Climate debate in general)4Abraham326-02-2015
Both sides of the argument (Climate debate in general)24greyviper25-02-2015
Deeper Ties to Corporate Cash for Doubtful Climate Researcher (Climate debate in general)4greyviper24-02-2015
ThreadRepliesLast Post
Atoms have consciousness. (Other)53TakashiYesterday, 06:41
Area of 66S-66N (Science)1Abraham310-02-2015
Incredible News! Climate Change Really *was* Just a Hoax *all... (Fun)9spicez07-01-2015
Goddard Institute Tide model GOT4.8 (Science)0kfl31-12-2014
Idea for methane reduction (Fun)0nobull03-08-2014
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