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The dangerous cooling trend in mainland America. How will it i... (Climate debate in general)0Tai Hai ChenToday, 15:29
'The youth have risen!' Climate strikers storm the streets (Climate debate in general)1IBdaMannToday, 15:26
We Might Be Reaching 'Peak Indifference' on Climate Change (Climate debate in general)1IBdaMannToday, 15:23
Toronto should sue oil companies over climate change, councill... (Climate debate in general)0Tai Hai ChenToday, 15:01
Climate change politics may defy even the most rational argume... (Climate debate in general)0Tai Hai ChenToday, 15:01
References needed, not rhetoric. (Climate debate in general)17Tai Hai ChenToday, 14:59
Could These "Super Corals" Withstand Climate Change? (Climate debate in general)1IBdaMannToday, 14:45
What effects global temperature (Climate debate in general)28IBdaMannToday, 03:41
Nws about the Sun by Svensmark (Explanations)35Laws of NatureToday, 03:14
Off topic... Boeing 737 Max 8 (Climate debate in general)34IBdaMannYesterday, 21:52
How is believing CO2 shine IR down like mirrors any different ... (Climate debate in general)3IBdaMannYesterday, 20:30
Are oil companies responsible for climate change? A group of s... (Climate debate in general)1IBdaMannYesterday, 18:50
The market is betting on climate change (Climate debate in general)1IBdaMannYesterday, 18:48
What Makes a Catastrophic Flood? And Is Climate Change Causing... (Climate debate in general)3HarveyH55Yesterday, 16:58
Almost all glaciers are in sharp decline (Consequences)9IBdaMannYesterday, 14:00
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Earth anthem (Other)2IBdaMann09-03-2019
Whirlpool theory of ocean deadzones? (Science)2Yusup0522-12-2018
Collab for IG Profile on raising awareness for the climate change (Other)0JayFromUK10-12-2018
Tides is the result of the rotation of the Earth and whirlpools. (Science)27Yusup0503-12-2018
NEW BOOK out re Global Warming solutions (Science)2SolarGod201-12-2018
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