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The Chapman Cycle (Climate debate in general)55323Today, 01:36
Vapour is not a greenhouse gas (Climate debate in general)49371Today, 01:02
Arctic waters not freezing (Climate debate in general)7029855Yesterday, 17:13
Coal (Climate debate in general)016Yesterday, 14:45
Fast recovery of thick Arctic ice (Climate debate in general)407970Yesterday, 00:28
Trump Spanks Global Warming (Climate debate in general)39537Yesterday, 00:22
The Real Reason Climate Change Is Being Pushed So Ferociously (Climate debate in general)02225-06-2017
Atoms have consciousness. (Trash bin)7851090824-06-2017
CO2, The Ozone Layer, The Chapman Cycle, The IPCC and NOAA (Climate debate in general)2420524-06-2017
CO2 and the Ozone Layer (Climate debate in general)3126923-06-2017
El Nino and Deep Faults (Climate debate in general)5147622-06-2017
The Emissivity Question (Climate debate in general)5562322-06-2017
the CO2 measuring device at Mauna Loa seems to be broken (Climate debate in general)719016-06-2017
True Believers Successful (Climate debate in general)510715-06-2017
What effects global temperature (Climate debate in general)2726114-06-2017
CO2 is but one factor in the climate change argument (Climate debate in general)1021513-06-2017
Ice Ages (Climate debate in general)112012-06-2017
The Strange Case of the Wandering Data (Climate debate in general)310512-06-2017
Opinion Poll for final thesis Climate change and automobile industry (Climate debate in general)210912-06-2017
Envirnmentalist Idiocy (Climate debate in general)04212-06-2017
Climate denier Myron Ebell as head of EPA? (Climate debate in general)3345411-06-2017
The Confusion & Deceipt of Climate Change (Climate debate in general)2127010-06-2017
NATO boosts its military presence in the Arctic Circle counter to Arctic Council's humanitarian i... (Climate debate in general)1017809-06-2017
Boycott American products (Climate debate in general)1415909-06-2017
It's In The Math, It's Not But Should Be (Climate debate in general)2721508-06-2017
Arctic ice still rapidly decreasing (Consequences)93415208-06-2017
Geological Influences (Climate debate in general)8566807-06-2017
Climate change denier crosses from the dark side (Climate debate in general)7773004-06-2017
Falsifiable or Not? (Climate debate in general)1718904-06-2017
So there is no greenhouse effect, and I can prove it .. what to do next? (Climate debate in general)6481401-06-2017
Anti-Pollution Invention (Technology)29201-06-2017
no leveling off of warming (Climate debate in general)4632031-05-2017
Emissivity of the ocean (Climate debate in general)3853929-05-2017
Black Body Radiation and Stefan-Boltzmann (Climate debate in general)5433926-05-2017
The Debate (Climate debate in general)2427426-05-2017
The Data Mine (Climate debate in general)226465324-05-2017
Early 20th Century Arctic Warming (Climate debate in general)2018924-05-2017
The True Believer's Delima (Climate debate in general)4041924-05-2017
More NASA and NOAA scientists stepping up to the plate. (Climate debate in general)1131224-05-2017
Question (Climate debate in general)1213223-05-2017
The Secret kf Atmospheric Forcing (Climate debate in general)1115822-05-2017
Seeking experts for discussion in VR (Climate debate in general)18622-05-2017
The Atmosphere's Ability to Absorb and Release Heat (Climate debate in general)131110821-05-2017
Waste Heat (Climate debate in general)4338920-05-2017
CLIMATE CHANGE SURVEY!!! (Climate debate in general)1414119-05-2017
Experimental results proves CO2 does not increase temperature, so why still debate? (Climate debate in general)451518-05-2017
nationalgeographic on climate change (Climate debate in general)5974817-05-2017
Hitler Learns of Leak that Climate Change is Just Propaganda (Fun)010714-05-2017
Energy cannot be created or destroyed. Energy can be redistributed. (Climate debate in general)1120014-05-2017
Simple thermodynamics for climate sceptics (Climate debate in general)3941214-05-2017
NASA Data Analysis proves that modern temperature rate of increase is NOT unusual (Climate debate in general)2025013-05-2017
Arguing for the sake of arguing (Climate debate in general)17813-05-2017
Burning Wood Pellets (Climate Policy)2123611-05-2017
Adaptation of inland fisheries and aquaculture to climate change conference (Climate debate in general)18511-05-2017
Why are residential solar power systems so popular? (Private Climate Policy)14795009-05-2017
Actual Measurements (Climate debate in general)1420608-05-2017
What is the Problem Presented by CO2? (Private Climate Policy)28103408-05-2017
I will be creating a website on Climate Policy (Climate Policy)721307-05-2017
Is the IPCC Biased? (Climate Policy)48120707-05-2017
Does the Earth Have a Natural Greenhouse Effect? (Climate debate in general)6258607-05-2017
Consensus of Scientists and Proof (Climate debate in general)307297205-05-2017
"Atoms have consciousness" with images (Trash bin)125902-05-2017
Solar Cells and Sonoma County (Climate debate in general)28902-05-2017
Climate Change is a Blessing. (Climate debate in general)11297601-05-2017
The greenhouse effect denier Enceladus (Climate debate in general)2128601-05-2017
Clouds and nocturnal cooling (Climate debate in general)2842230-04-2017
Incredible News! Climate Change Really *was* Just a Hoax *all along*! (Fun)13555730-04-2017
Points of Agreement (Climate debate in general)2419429-04-2017
Cloud feedbacks (Climate debate in general)37529-04-2017
The most debated feedback / forcings? (Climate debate in general)15629-04-2017
Increased CO2 as the cause for civilisation (Climate debate in general)2225328-04-2017
Would the "Red Team" Approach Be An Improvement Over Peer Review? (Climate debate in general)3132228-04-2017
climate change expert sentenced to 32 months for fraud. So much for SCIENCE, eh? More like POLITI... (Climate debate in general)528227-04-2017
Global warming set to pass 2C threshold in 2050 (Climate debate in general)3644327-04-2017
Every thread turns into a discussion about the 2nd law of thermodynamics (Climate debate in general)1722227-04-2017
Hockey Stick Climate Sensitivity (Climate debate in general)413026-04-2017
The 3 questions we should all be asking about global warming. (Climate debate in general)410326-04-2017
Climate model projections compared to observations (Climate debate in general)1115526-04-2017
March for Science (Climate debate in general)2521725-04-2017
Man-Made Causes (Climate debate in general)231232324-04-2017
Stockholm University is looking for a Arctic Climate Doctorate (Climate debate in general)717024-04-2017
The Complexity of Climate Change (Climate debate in general)131185224-04-2017
Users' Profiles (Other)121424-04-2017
Christopher Monckton Climate Sensitivity (Climate debate in general)3049519-04-2017
Errors in CO2 Emissions? (Explanations)1320712-04-2017
Japan's cherry blossoms come increasingly early (Climate debate in general)1924809-04-2017
Climate Sensitivity (Climate debate in general)618008-04-2017
Arctic ice falls to record winter low after polar 'heatwaves' (Climate debate in general)1029504-04-2017
Climate Change Dishonesty (Climate debate in general)5267803-04-2017
Far right-winger here that acknowledges climate change, what can we do? (Climate debate in general)61106201-04-2017
I am an Arctic researcher. Donald Trump is deleting my citations (Climate debate in general)1328630-03-2017
The Paris Agreement: A deficient solution to a non-problem? (Climate debate in general)2425129-03-2017
Carbon Offsetting (Climate debate in general)09128-03-2017
So Is The Feedback Positive Or Negative? (Climate debate in general)159160726-03-2017
Christopher Monckton's Papers (Climate debate in general)1128326-03-2017
libtards, your climate change hero Hillary Clinton lost fair and square, nothing you can say abou... (Climate debate in general)108177025-03-2017
Science of Climate Change (Climate debate in general)216825-03-2017
Hurricane Patricia (Consequences)2775024-03-2017
Extreme weather (Climate debate in general)2036624-03-2017
Ice Ages (Climate debate in general)313022-03-2017
The Limitations of Climate Science (Explanations)1845521-03-2017
No one cares even if 97% of climate scientists think more CO2 causes warmer weather. Because of G... (Climate debate in general)2494921-03-2017
How are Canadians physically adapted to cold weather in winter? (Consequences)344421-03-2017
Magnetic Field and Pole Reversal (Climate debate in general)313420-03-2017
News Flashes (Climate debate in general)5359320-03-2017
More Claims Shattered (Climate debate in general)4569820-03-2017
Atmospheric nuclear bombs (Climate debate in general)1225819-03-2017
Moving Beyond The Symbolism Of Earth Hour (Private Climate Policy)3163219-03-2017
East Antarctic Ice Shelf Weaknesses (Climate debate in general)115186719-03-2017
And Another Claim Bites the Dust (Climate debate in general)2940415-03-2017
New EPA chief does not think carbon dioxide causes climate change (Climate debate in general)1732014-03-2017
New theory about climate change (Climate debate in general)526714-03-2017
How much money is Hillary trying to steal from the middle class about global warming? (Climate debate in general)6174314-03-2017
Bend over and say "Ahhh" (Climate debate in general)922714-03-2017
Northern hemisphere sees in early spring due to global warming (Climate debate in general)111123913-03-2017
In Obama's final State of the Union Address, he mocked deniers. He bad person? (Climate debate in general)565013-03-2017
Climate Effect of CO2 Alone Without Feedback. (Climate debate in general)2538212-03-2017
And STILL no change (Climate debate in general)1221311-03-2017
Is the United States doomed to be the global dumb-dumb when it comes to M2C2? (Climate debate in general)56141111-03-2017
Reposted, real scientists rant from reddit (Climate debate in general)116810-03-2017
The effects of calculations (Climate Policy)2747210-03-2017
United States tornadoes today (Climate debate in general)2739409-03-2017
How to survive a Hydrogen Sulphide release (Revised) (Climate debate in general)215809-03-2017
Rapid climate shift due to Albedo Flip (Climate debate in general)4250807-03-2017
Highest CO2 in thousands of years? (Climate debate in general)2335406-03-2017
Another Blow to the CO2 Record (Climate debate in general)1026305-03-2017
2016 was the hottest year (Climate debate in general)1222628-02-2017
More new data (Climate debate in general)2238628-02-2017
Natural CO2 vs man made CO2-is there a difference? (Climate debate in general)4556328-02-2017
Climate Change Shelter? (Private Climate Policy)7140228-02-2017
Video: Hitler Finds Out Climate Change is Real (Fun)3209227-02-2017
there is no proof past climate was significantly warmer when CO2 was much more (Climate debate in general)318427-02-2017
where the moonlandings a hoax? (Science)2785427-02-2017
Now About that Greenhouse Gas (Climate debate in general)321927-02-2017
CO2 increasing too fast (Climate debate in general)2243926-02-2017
Mr. Wake (Climate debate in general)5883426-02-2017
Volcanic & Green House Gases, Melt Polar Caps (Climate debate in general)923225-02-2017
Ocean is rising, WHY! I need you to add to my list (Climate debate in general)3337825-02-2017
Liberals View of Americans (Climate debate in general)413825-02-2017
California Liberals (Climate debate in general)414125-02-2017
97% Consensis on AGW? (Climate debate in general)4466325-02-2017
True Believers (Climate debate in general)2028925-02-2017
Start a petition to encourage climate change information (Events etc.)210024-02-2017
Vostok Data (Climate debate in general)452224-02-2017
Global warming is a joke. (Climate debate in general)2544524-02-2017
The Hockey Stick Controversy (Climate debate in general)2639924-02-2017
Global cooling in 2030 it's true??? (Climate debate in general)133192724-02-2017
water and air have a moderating effect and a heating effect (Climate debate in general)2241124-02-2017
July hottest month since records began say nasa (Climate debate in general)54113824-02-2017
How about a boycott campaign against Trump's USA? (Climate Policy)1440124-02-2017
Students Against Climate Change (Climate debate in general)718024-02-2017
Corrections (Climate debate in general)2129722-02-2017
More stuff in the water (Climate debate in general)3338121-02-2017
An Explaination of Skeptics. (Explanations)19646721-02-2017
Arctic sea ice loss, negative or positive feedback? (Explanations)2752521-02-2017
Neurosis And Global Warming (Climate debate in general)820219-02-2017
Another Step Forward (Climate debate in general)011518-02-2017
Why Recycle? (Climate debate in general)416018-02-2017
IPCC and Climate Alarm - How It Started (Climate debate in general)3535517-02-2017
next step-human kulling (Climate debate in general)1031317-02-2017
Heliogenic global cooling & ice age this year (Climate debate in general)4794817-02-2017
Co2 (Climate debate in general)416717-02-2017
Best US presidential candidate (Climate Policy)1466416-02-2017
The Ramifications of Climate Change Policies. (Climate Policy)1426416-02-2017
Funny Numbers (Climate debate in general)2739616-02-2017
Hypothesis (Climate debate in general)819616-02-2017
Government 'tried to bury' its own alarming report on climate change (Climate debate in general)2956715-02-2017
2016 hottest year on record (Climate debate in general)1131115-02-2017
Climate Scientist (Climate debate in general)113014-02-2017
the atmosphere is has enough density to trap heat by conduction (Climate debate in general)7986810-02-2017
Sea Level Rise (Climate debate in general)3344810-02-2017
Energy Action Fuel Poverty and Climate Action Conference 2017 (Events etc.)115409-02-2017
I have done the correct experiment and concluded CO2 does not affect temperature (Climate debate in general)3748109-02-2017
Is Obama's 10 bucks per barrel oil tax a good idea? (Climate Policy)3580808-02-2017
COP21 - China can rule (Climate Policy)2974407-02-2017
Why ethanol is actually worse than fossil fuels for the environment (at least in the US) (Climate Policy)837207-02-2017
excessive heat creation factor (Climate debate in general)4054206-02-2017
Trolls in heat (Climate debate in general)616703-02-2017
Traitor in the Whitehouse (Climate debate in general)3656203-02-2017
Liberals have mental disease caused by anthropogenic chemicals (Climate debate in general)115403-02-2017
The role of business in climate change (Climate debate in general)113703-02-2017
What can I do professionally? (Climate debate in general)1232202-02-2017
White House Petition: The United States must stop investing in fossil fuels and lead the global e... (Climate debate in general)621402-02-2017
A slightly different angle (Climate debate in general)99125802-02-2017
I agree CO2 should be restricted, but not for the reason promoted (Climate debate in general)418031-01-2017
Far reaching effects of global warming (Climate debate in general)121419-01-2017
SOLUTION TO GLOBAL WARMING (Climate debate in general)018519-01-2017
CO2 will be more than 428 ppm in 8 years (Climate debate in general)527418-01-2017
435 ppm is enough (Climate debate in general)216018-01-2017
Infrastructure fuels warming (Climate debate in general)6257713-01-2017
Climate Change Mitigation Option (Climate debate in general)115812-01-2017
Albert Einstein said. (Climate debate in general)2140511-01-2017
Jet Fuel - Aeroplanes - And Their Impact on Global Warming (Climate debate in general)1234210-01-2017
Reversing Climate Change with Renewable Energy Sources (Explanations)4690210-01-2017
Having commuist goverment countries and developing countries are causing pollution, global warmin... (Climate debate in general)2640510-01-2017
CO2 data seems highly suspicious to me (Climate debate in general)827909-01-2017
What Are Trump's Opinions On Climate Change? (Other)2454408-01-2017
Help us complete our climate change survey! (Climate debate in general)017706-01-2017
help us! take a quick survey (Climate debate in general)017705-01-2017
CO2 increasing too much and people suffocate and become stupid like this (Climate debate in general)019804-01-2017
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