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Hold on. O2 and N2 do NOT absorb IR? (Climate debate in general)6919Today, 00:46
Members (Climate debate in general)344Yesterday, 20:24
So is record cold clear evidence of global warming (Climate debate in general)139Yesterday, 19:21
Is Gore's theory CO2 causes warming false? (Climate debate in general)2123421-01-2019
If all the heat goes into the ocean then why would there be hot summer in any given year? (Climate debate in general)819321-01-2019
CO2 and Some transparency (Climate debate in general)6668721-01-2019
The IPPC climate report and what I personally think of it! (Climate debate in general)7695318-01-2019
Filtration of Carbon (Technology)521915-01-2019
Prepping for the Carbon Apocalipse... (Climate debate in general)917614-01-2019
10 ppm O3 in atmosphere absorb 98% of UV. So what makes you thin first 10 ppm CO2 in the atmosphe... (Climate debate in general)18814-01-2019
Did James Hanson lie for money selling his book? (Climate debate in general)48014-01-2019
Why would an atmosphere made of O2 not trap heat? (Climate debate in general)1515311-01-2019
10 ppm O3 in atomsphere absorb 98% of UV. 10 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere absorb 98% of IR. So wh... (Climate debate in general)25711-01-2019
A very simple but meaningful fact about CO2, without it (Climate debate in general)1213710-01-2019
If you believe in the AGW concept and want change but you (Climate Policy)911609-01-2019
What exactly is the evidence that AGW is happening or (Explanations)69209-01-2019
What would be temperature near surface if there is no ozone layer in stratosphere? (Climate debate in general)25607-01-2019
Where in the World is Global Warming? (Climate debate in general)1719606-01-2019
When did climate change begin (Climate debate in general)1011206-01-2019
Serious question, is there any data on how many people that believe in AGW (Explanations)14606-01-2019
Doesn't burning fossil fuel cause global cooling? (Climate debate in general)57306-01-2019
Greenhouse gasses (Climate debate in general)8076105-01-2019
National Parks (Climate debate in general)911602-01-2019
Disturbing advances in Klimate Khange... (Climate debate in general)1314801-01-2019
America Has The Best Health Care In The World (Climate debate in general)621127-12-2018
Too much emphasis on carbon dioxide? (Explanations)8233027-12-2018
Climate change (Climate debate in general)3129826-12-2018
Climate is the Earth's Operating System(OS) and we definitely need to protect it. (Climate debate in general)2432323-12-2018
Whirlpool theory of ocean deadzones? (Science)225022-12-2018
Climate Change (Climate debate in general)1522321-12-2018
Climate change essay project (Climate debate in general)214720-12-2018
Climate Change funding? (Climate debate in general)1523019-12-2018
Personal environmental monitor/logger/tracker (Technology)1820219-12-2018
Potential Effects of Broadcast Induced REP on Climate Change (Climate debate in general)287326217-12-2018
petition to create a new Nobel prize for the Fight Against Climate Change (Climate debate in general)415715-12-2018
Why I doubt the Climate Theory? Plant food causes climate change? (Climate debate in general)316515-12-2018
Climate change writing project (Climate debate in general)314814-12-2018
Prove It! (Climate debate in general)3242614-12-2018
Pushy Climatologist... (Climate debate in general)19213-12-2018
Global Warming Argument Simplified (Climate debate in general)7870413-12-2018
Why only 'Man-Made' CO2? (Climate debate in general)169191512-12-2018
OH NO - BEAVERS (Climate debate in general)17512-12-2018
Can you suggest me any best book about climate change? (Climate debate in general)317812-12-2018
Stop Climate Changes! (Climate debate in general)411512-12-2018
Proffessor Brian Cox vs Conspiracy theorist Australian Senator (Climate debate in general)142700611-12-2018
What's wrong with this picture? Proof Please. (Climate debate in general)2725211-12-2018
Yellow-Vest Protests (Climate debate in general)3232811-12-2018
Practical experience v Theory (Climate debate in general)2726011-12-2018
Collab for IG Profile on raising awareness for the climate change (Other)08510-12-2018
Trump Connected To A Crime? (Climate debate in general)911509-12-2018
Agricultural Subsidies (Climate Policy)1118305-12-2018
Our leaders should read this (Climate debate in general)210304-12-2018
Fourth National Climate Assessment Report (Climate debate in general)2726704-12-2018
Tides is the result of the rotation of the Earth and whirlpools. (Science)2795103-12-2018
New ideas to help eradicate climate change (Private Climate Policy)210403-12-2018
Renewable Energy (Climate debate in general)6381702-12-2018
Strange Revelation (Climate debate in general)1113302-12-2018
NEW BOOK out re Global Warming solutions (Science)212001-12-2018
Cause and effect (Climate debate in general)2027801-12-2018
Fake News? Response to a Trump Tweet... (Climate debate in general)1846001-12-2018
Why I'm Skeptical (Climate debate in general)3949028-11-2018
Weather Vs. Climate Change (Climate debate in general)2231127-11-2018
CO2 is causing ozone depletion, cause of climate change? (Climate debate in general)1120126-11-2018
New Little Ice Age (Climate debate in general)3747826-11-2018
Climate Change Lawsuits (Climate debate in general)1017526-11-2018
Satellite Measurements-- Sea Level Rise (Climate Policy)971620-11-2018
Perpetual Motion is possible, i have included the details (Climate Policy)1035220-11-2018
Street Lighting or ... (Climate debate in general)417220-11-2018
Climate change, too late to act. (Climate debate in general)1137320-11-2018
IPCC report. (Climate debate in general)78118418-11-2018
Leaked UN draft report warns of urgent need to cut global warming (Climate debate in general)43151009-11-2018
World 'nowhere near on track' to avoid warming beyond 1.5C target (Climate debate in general)83197509-11-2018
Important space and weather related events of 2018! (Climate debate in general)1033808-11-2018
Climate scientists are struggling to find the right words for very bad news (Climate debate in general)330501-11-2018
Why the cycle before the industrial revolution. (Climate debate in general)626001-11-2018
Why fight climate change? Isn't it natures way of limiting population? (Climate debate in general)2349501-11-2018
Earth anthem (Other)116230-10-2018
The planetary collapse continues forward (Climate debate in general)2141528-10-2018
Why the Wilder Storms? It's a 'Loaded Dice' Problem (Climate debate in general)58109125-10-2018
Canada carbon tax (Climate debate in general)116425-10-2018
Cities suing oil companies (Climate Policy)117024-10-2018
Hypocrite Gore's Home Uses 21 Times Energy (Climate Policy)479223-10-2018
Is there a Jewish Point of View? (Climate Philosophy)1100923-10-2018
Is M2C2 a matter of the method of interpretation? (Climate Philosophy)298123-10-2018
Who do the denialist trolls really hurt? (Climate Philosophy)294223-10-2018
Climate change is unavoidable, so is a warmer or cooler climate more desireable? (Climate Philosophy)62416823-10-2018
Richard Lindzen paid by ExxonMobil for his lies (Climate Philosophy)3357723-10-2018
Hurricane Michael Is Officially More Powerful than Hurricane Katrina (Climate debate in general)3159015-10-2018
I'm uncertain about the timeline of action from the new UN report (Climate debate in general)534715-10-2018
Stefan-Boltzmann and the Botlzmann Constant (Climate debate in general)83329712-10-2018
Just a blog post about the effects of climate change (Climate debate in general)1246911-10-2018
Brief history of ice ages, and how that might relate to our future (Climate debate in general)124281608-10-2018
This is one of the reasons why I am skeptical of human-induced global warming (Climate debate in general)5691008-10-2018
New You Tube Channel about Climate Change (Climate debate in general)224207-10-2018
Gulf stream weakening. (Climate debate in general)214806-10-2018
The Sun II (Climate debate in general)3966406-10-2018
Amateur Needs Tony Hiller Help (Climate debate in general)1336506-10-2018
The Sun (Climate debate in general)3065606-10-2018
Can California Drive the Climate Change Fight? (Climate debate in general)1232706-10-2018
75 papers now support a low climate sensitivity (Climate debate in general)318006-10-2018
Arctic ice hit one of its lowest points on record (Climate debate in general)1130505-10-2018
"sargasse" alga (Climate debate in general)1138004-10-2018
This Is Almost Laughable (Climate debate in general)218504-10-2018
methane release. (Climate debate in general)625103-10-2018
Ice sat 2 launches (Climate debate in general)2250028-09-2018
20 Reasons To Be Skeptical Of Human-Induced Global Warming (Climate debate in general)69143227-09-2018
an-equator-full-of-hurricanes-shows-a-preview-of-end-times (Climate debate in general)3260722-09-2018
Temperatures of Coal Fired Pwr Stations (Climate debate in general)1839019-09-2018
Hurricane Florence is a Once IN A Lifetime storm (Climate debate in general)3670318-09-2018
Uses for solid carbon (Technology)1631717-09-2018
Carbon Absorbtion (Technology)626117-09-2018
What would happen to global temperature if the US stopped all CO2 emissions for the next 50 years? (Climate Policy)1596917-09-2018
What are Stacks made from (Technology)316717-09-2018
The IPCC overestimates climate sensitivity (Climate debate in general)531415-09-2018
2nd perpetual Motion Concept (Climate debate in general)327209-09-2018
How Seaweeds could help mitigate Climate Change? (Climate debate in general)1533506-09-2018
Is the CO2 increase natural or man-made? (Climate debate in general)40105706-09-2018
ARTIFICIAL LEAF - The next big thing in the fight against climate change! (Climate debate in general)1741606-09-2018
Northern Hemisphere Warming (Climate debate in general)937605-09-2018
The seasonal increase in water level of the seas and oceans (Science)140722-08-2018
Nevada water chief rejects big Vegas pipeline pumping plan (Climate debate in general)1438921-08-2018
Need school answers (Other)123720-08-2018
Earthquakes (Climate debate in general)629415-08-2018
Warming acceleration (Explanations)129281813-08-2018
Geoengineering and the oceans (taboo?) (Climate debate in general)848009-08-2018
Climate with not draft (german zugluft) and UV sterilization (Climate debate in general)122306-08-2018
7 animal species relocating to the UK due to rising temperatures (Climate debate in general)533405-08-2018
Poseidon Foundation - offeset carbon footprints emissions using blockchain (Technology)020801-08-2018
Blockchain to help Liverpool become world's first climate-positive city (Technology)017701-08-2018
only a spring powered phone charger will help us (Climate debate in general)532230-07-2018
The source of energy is evaporation-condensation (Climate debate in general)83205726-07-2018
Something To Make itn feel Good (Climate debate in general)2258026-07-2018
AMOC (Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation) (Climate debate in general)234625-07-2018
Change of earth surface and thoughts about its contribution for climate change and weather (Climate debate in general)433420-07-2018
New wind turbine design (Technology)639417-07-2018
CO2 is an acid--so, what's the problem? (Climate debate in general)2074211-07-2018
Sometimes I doubt the science ... (Climate debate in general)547311-07-2018
Big World Cup day today. (Climate debate in general)428308-07-2018
Massive Deadly Heatwaves: A Consequence of Abrupt Climate Change (Climate debate in general)030207-07-2018
Exposing the Pink Elephant (Climate debate in general)949107-07-2018
Beer rationed as UK's food-grade carbon dioxide runs low (Climate debate in general)2181402-07-2018
It was very impressive (Climate debate in general)021830-06-2018
Work and Heat (Climate debate in general)81195926-06-2018
Define 'gravity' (Climate debate in general)332924-06-2018
This is interesting, pertinent - "The Eerie Silence Surrounding the Assange Case" (Climate debate in general)130724-06-2018
After 100 years with ExxonMobil... 20 African countries no better off today (Climate debate in general)1150423-06-2018
"I don't care du u" slop coat (Climate debate in general)330023-06-2018
Ideas for my seminar paper? (Other)142823-06-2018
Is there an equation available for black body irradiated heat loss vs. font? (Climate debate in general)023123-06-2018
Antarctica ( Amundsen Sea ) (Climate debate in general)228422-06-2018
Project Censored #21 Fossil Fuel Industry "Colonizing" US Universities (Climate debate in general)2767321-06-2018
Interview with the Vampire (Climate debate in general)735321-06-2018
Project Censored #17 Young Plaintiffs Invoke Constitutional Grounds for Climate Protection (Climate debate in general)226720-06-2018
Joe Rogan Experience #1130 - Adam Frank (Climate debate in general)1274219-06-2018
Shale Gas: The Technological Gamble That Should Not Have Been Taken by Anthony Ingraffea (Climate debate in general)2277018-06-2018
Antarctic ice melting faster than ever, studies show (Climate debate in general)3292118-06-2018
Former Bank of Canada Head: Pipeline Protesters May Be Killed. So Be It. (Climate debate in general)427617-06-2018
? (Climate debate in general)325914-06-2018
The 100 Year Weather Forecast (Weather)8127614-06-2018
How do you argue with someone who believes all the evidence for climate change is fabricated? (Climate debate in general)65171913-06-2018
White Racism and Global Warming (Climate debate in general)19124410-06-2018
'Carbon bubble' could spark global financial crisis, study warns (Climate debate in general)534710-06-2018
Water From The Air (Climate debate in general)528510-06-2018
Can we make this lonely shit hole a climate war sand box for newbies? (Climate debate in general)636410-06-2018
Any squonkers in the house? (Climate debate in general)023809-06-2018
Gulf of Mexico as heat sink (Technology)2163506-06-2018
"Freakishly Warm" Arctic Weather Has Scientists Reconsidering Worst-Case Scenarios on Climate (Climate debate in general)1151804-06-2018
Behaviours toward Climate Change (Private Climate Policy)13186204-06-2018
Survey on Climate Change for school super short please help!!! (Climate debate in general)2689303-06-2018
This is interesting - 'The Philip Cross Affair' (Climate debate in general)543130-05-2018
So yeah I saw this on Tinder ... (Climate debate in general)232230-05-2018
Radio Ecoshock: Two Degrees Beyond Safe (Climate debate in general)331329-05-2018
Perfect (Fun)026629-05-2018
Ecohypocrisy website - Your help is requested in expanding it (Climate debate in general)024629-05-2018
Climate Documentary: The Cross of the Moment (Climate debate in general)228028-05-2018
Maryland Town Flooded (Climate debate in general)225128-05-2018
The Fermi Paradox — Where Are All The Aliens? (Climate debate in general)833328-05-2018
Climate Change Denial in the Age of Trump - Michael Mann (Climate debate in general)123527-05-2018
Jennifer Francis: Crazy Weather and the Arctic Meltdown (Climate debate in general)1759427-05-2018
Scientific Consensus (Explanations)141940326-05-2018
Fact or Theory? (Climate debate in general)229626-05-2018
WMO confirms 2017 among the three warmest years on record (Climate debate in general)3390725-05-2018
The purpose of the Church of Global Warming (Explanations)2860825-05-2018
More intense droughts and precipitation (Explanations)626124-05-2018
Heat (Climate debate in general)322924-05-2018
Radio Ecoshock: The Heat Goes On (Climate debate in general)327424-05-2018
Boston Judge Acquits 13 Pipeline Protesters in Groundbreaking Decision (Climate debate in general)023023-05-2018
Why did Global Warming put the Record Freeze on Hudson Valley? (Climate debate in general)24123122-05-2018
"Why is America melting so fast?" (Climate debate in general)836022-05-2018
Nice video on cloud forcing (Climate debate in general)125022-05-2018
Hi I'm Newbie (Climate debate in general)022322-05-2018
Solutions anyone? (Technology)34254522-05-2018
Radio Ecoshock: If It's Warming – Why This Awful Winter? (Climate debate in general)124722-05-2018
The SETI Hoax (Science)030322-05-2018
Radio Ecoshock: Arctic Meltdown – 50 shades of panic (Climate debate in general)123921-05-2018
"Why Is Everything Melting So Fast??" (Climate debate in general)441421-05-2018
Alan Rusbridger: Climate change must be prominent on our news websites ... (Climate debate in general)030520-05-2018
Climate change an 'existential security risk' to Australia, Senate inquiry says (Climate debate in general)125819-05-2018
Arctic Amplification (Explanations)225919-05-2018
Frankenstein Meets Climate Change: Prof Michael Wysession (March 2018) (Climate debate in general)335219-05-2018
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