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Atmospheric Heat Entropy (Climate debate in general)42422Today, 17:11
I will die help (Climate debate in general)4154Today, 01:01
Change in sea volume due to sea ice melting (Explanations)4398820-03-2018
Climate Socrat (Explanations)2245520-03-2018
Next Generation Solar (Technology)821219-03-2018
Arctic Sea Ice (Climate debate in general)213519-03-2018
Earthquakes (Climate debate in general)923019-03-2018
Geology and Climate Change (Climate debate in general)1828917-03-2018
The link is to an article in the Daily Mail about asteroids and the last ice age (Climate debate in general)4573816-03-2018
Deaths due to climate, lots less. (Consequences)511615-03-2018
temperatures (Climate debate in general)210815-03-2018
I'm not sure what to make of this (Climate debate in general)1633314-03-2018
The Reason I Switched to the Republican Party (Climate debate in general)58154014-03-2018
New Research Again Proves Warmies Wrong. (Climate debate in general)614514-03-2018
Do Catalytic Converters Really make a difference? (Climate debate in general)3650014-03-2018
I miss my good friend Spot (Climate debate in general)612913-03-2018
Litebeer (Climate debate in general)1923513-03-2018
Video Games (Fun)18613-03-2018
Cleaning up (Debate about
Arctic waters not freezing (Climate debate in general)7471661011-03-2018
ClimateCoop - Blockchain based collaboration & governance platform enabling dynamic community... (Climate debate in general)1922911-03-2018
Methods of shutting down democratic debate (Climate debate in general)2635808-03-2018
New research combats the poor reasoning that influences climate-change denial (Climate debate in general)1020407-03-2018
Is Human Activity the Reason for Climate Change (Climate debate in general)419007-03-2018
The Trump Administration Wants To Debate Climate Change On TV. Here's What Scientists Think About... (Climate debate in general)1542806-03-2018
Fast recovery of thick Arctic ice (Climate debate in general)4031631606-03-2018
Arctic ice still rapidly decreasing (Consequences)102627906-03-2018
East Antarctic Ice Shelf Weaknesses (Climate debate in general)210578905-03-2018
GreenMan's Climate Model (Explanations)4089401-03-2018
Weather extremes (Climate debate in general)2976501-03-2018
How does atmospheric thermal equilibration happen? (Explanations)10274301-03-2018
Raise petition against climate change issues (Other)111928-02-2018
Participate climate change survey (Climate debate in general)19227-02-2018
Can people change their mind about global warming? (Climate debate in general)619227-02-2018
The Emissivity of the Earth (Climate debate in general)74100324-02-2018
Climatte Change For Idiots! (Climate debate in general)2761723-02-2018
Strategies for Building More Environmentally Friendly Cities (Climate debate in general)210222-02-2018
Nothing to do with climate anywhere (Climate debate in general)89113721-02-2018
The Loss of Confidence (Climate debate in general)211620-02-2018
Disseration Research (Climate debate in general)732819-02-2018
Tanker makes solo voyage through melting Arctic Sea (Climate debate in general)1039217-02-2018
Calculating the surface temperature of the moon (Climate debate in general)2036715-02-2018
Hypocrite Gore's Home Uses 21 Times Energy (Climate Policy)330215-02-2018
Satellite Measurements-- Sea Level Rise (Climate Policy)718015-02-2018
Evidence of Sinclair Syndicate's Purchase of ABC (Climate debate in general)2055412-02-2018
Ideas of Mine (Climate debate in general)3655711-02-2018
How effective are the UK strategies to reduce global warming?(please complete survey) (Climate debate in general)127176108-02-2018
The USA has snow in all 50 states (Climate debate in general)1548106-02-2018
Clouds and temperature (Climate debate in general)3681301-02-2018
TEMPERATURE DATA released for 2017 (Climate debate in general)1134527-01-2018
For Wake (Climate debate in general)1332827-01-2018
Some Things To Consider (Climate debate in general)4368327-01-2018
CitiesIPCC: Suggestions to accelerate action on climate co-benefits in cities? (Climate Policy)2053526-01-2018
The moment of Mann is fast approaching (Climate debate in general)235825-01-2018
Global warming and ice caps (Climate debate in general)122216423-01-2018
White House approves report - humans are causing global warming - starkly contradicts Trump - Nov... (Climate debate in general)430819-01-2018
Do You Believe the Liberals? (Climate debate in general)223116-01-2018
The Argument for AGW (Climate debate in general)64110315-01-2018
Snowfall Increases, Antarctica (Climate debate in general)730212-01-2018
El Nino, La Nina Effects on Antarctic Ice Shelves (Climate debate in general)323212-01-2018
2 degree increase is what we are looking at ?= (Climate debate in general)1185911-01-2018
Ignorance Is No Excuse (Climate debate in general)2042111-01-2018
Climate change and diseases (Consequences)323710-01-2018
Climate change affecting house doors (Consequences)319210-01-2018
Ethical Depopulation Could Save the Planet (Climate debate in general)115251609-01-2018
Why the greenhouse effect does not violate the first law of thermodynamics (Climate debate in general)3551123909-01-2018
A Slap in the Face for Climate Change (Climate debate in general)1131109-01-2018
In The Night (Climate debate in general)1232009-01-2018
Ever Wonder If The warming Arctic Ocean Is Causing This ? (Climate debate in general)1539608-01-2018
The Return of the Crying (Climate debate in general)1332807-01-2018
Climate Change is Nothing More than Leftist Lies. (Climate debate in general)1969105-01-2018
Climate Change in South Carolina (Climate debate in general)421604-01-2018
In Your Face - the IPCC and Fraud (Climate debate in general)929704-01-2018
Grassroots rearming and mobilizing 2019 (Events etc.)228431-12-2017
White Racism and Global Warming (Climate debate in general)1644830-12-2017
Radio Ecoshock - Can Humans Survive? (Climate debate in general)222428-12-2017
Hyperloop: Clean transportation? (Technology)118026-12-2017
Is This Helping To Increase The Severity of Fires In California ? (Climate debate in general)1240123-12-2017
Barrow Alaska Rapid Heating (Climate debate in general)350670023-12-2017
Climate Change Website and Legacy Project (Climate debate in general)426823-12-2017
Oklahoma Earthquakes And The Rise In Fracking (Climate debate in general)1029921-12-2017
Barrow, Alaska: The Leading Edge Of Climate Change - 7 mins (Climate debate in general)221521-12-2017
The case against man made climate change, condensed - 23 mins (Climate debate in general)124121-12-2017
Study Reveals Dangerous Levels of Radioactivity Near Fracking Waste Sites - 7 mins (Climate debate in general)3455820-12-2017
How America Got Divorced from Reality: Christian Utopias, Anti-Elitism, Media Circus - Kurt Andersen (Climate debate in general)1540920-12-2017
Alaska: State of Emergency - 20 mins (Climate debate in general)927019-12-2017
Externalities (Climate debate in general)117419-12-2017
I propose a weeks silence - due to the current outbreak of Socialism in Ventura CA. (Climate debate in general)527119-12-2017
Shale cowboys: fracking under Trump - (VPRO documentary - 2017) (Climate debate in general)423818-12-2017
Bernie Sanders & Al Gore Discuss Climate Change and Renewables (July 2017) (Climate debate in general)931918-12-2017
Climate Change Solutions : What you thought you knew is obsolete. Joe Romm (Climate debate in general)321818-12-2017
Does 97% of science agree? (Climate debate in general)934717-12-2017
Chris Hedges "Fascism in the Age of Trump" (Politics and news)132316-12-2017
Radio Ecoshock - John Mashey lays out the conspiracy, and names names - Feb 2012 (Climate debate in general)2849116-12-2017
Real Temperature Measurement of Earth (Climate debate in general)2154416-12-2017
An open letter to the Prime Minister on the climate crisis, from 154 scientists - August 24, 2016 (Climate debate in general)1233516-12-2017
What "Ecologists" Are Willing To Do (Climate debate in general)624515-12-2017
James Hansen's Lecture: Global Climate Change: Can the Next Generation Avert a Catastrophe? (Climate debate in general)3263514-12-2017
The Dumber of the Two Political Parties Even Know it Now (Climate debate in general)87167814-12-2017
Environmental issues, climate change and more (Other)10151214-12-2017
EPA To Bring Debate to the Public (Climate debate in general)1952813-12-2017
Reaction: World Bank Steals Show at One Planet Summit by Phasing Out Upstream Oil and Gas Finance (Climate debate in general)223213-12-2017
Climate change and possible mass migration on a grand scale.. so where is safe? (Climate debate in general)3681212-12-2017
Artificial Photosynthesis to Save the World? (Climate debate in general)478411-12-2017
The Burning Earth Bears Witness in California (Climate debate in general)524011-12-2017
Climate of Concern - Royal Dutch Shell (1991) (Climate debate in general)626311-12-2017
Energy Tips: Maintaining Furnaces and Boilers (Other)1180708-12-2017
Users' Profiles (Other)259508-12-2017
Kindness (Other)139808-12-2017
SCHOOL PROJECT (Other)221408-12-2017
Arctic Sea Ice Minimum Volumes 1979-2017 in 30 seconds (Climate debate in general)933608-12-2017
Man-made global cooling (Climate debate in general)022806-12-2017
The Story Behind Climate Change (Climate debate in general)1131205-12-2017
Climate change denial (Climate debate in general)4794105-12-2017
Edinburgh University - Dr Richard Milne - Final Nail For Climate Change Disinformation (Climate debate in general)540505-12-2017
Estimated cumulative emissions (Climate debate in general)1433204-12-2017
100% Truth about Global Warming, Climate Change (Climate debate in general)1038404-12-2017
Climate change and the struggle against capitalism (Climate debate in general)1028902-12-2017
Market trends now favor renewable energy as a cost-effective alternative to fossil fuels - Nov 2017 (Climate debate in general)1942102-12-2017
Climate Change salesman Bill Nye is Destroyed (Climate debate in general)1532502-12-2017
It's MATHS - Stewart Lee - Climate Change (Climate debate in general)1936702-12-2017
What is really going on (Climate debate in general)824501-12-2017
Even the moon HAS a GHE (Climate debate in general)1643801-12-2017
Billionaire Koch brothers lurk behind Trump Paris deal pull-out, but endgame is murky (Climate debate in general)219330-11-2017
Climate change ..A Life Changer (Climate debate in general)3757030-11-2017
Signing off (Climate debate in general)79153029-11-2017
Perfect Solution for Climate Change Global Earth (Climate debate in general)429228-11-2017
Climate change is simple: David Roberts (Climate debate in general)2951428-11-2017
Shell Understood Climate Change as Early as 1991—and Ignored It - October 2017 (Climate debate in general)415325-11-2017
Physics of climate change question (Climate debate in general)525725-11-2017
Let's stop debating climate change and start combating it - Michael Mann (Climate debate in general)1141124-11-2017
Imagine being wrong about climate change ... (Climate debate in general)935323-11-2017
Who are the Denialists? (Climate debate in general)2350822-11-2017
Solar Power Generator Observations (Private Climate Policy)4389722-11-2017
The Science of Doom (Climate debate in general)950622-11-2017
Reddit's science forum banned climate deniers. Why don't all newspapers do the same? (2013) (Climate debate in general)939021-11-2017
The Oregon Petition (Climate debate in general)3356421-11-2017
The Ignorant Who Are Untaught Teaching the Ignorant (Climate debate in general)4281621-11-2017
How Fossil Fuel Money Made Climate Change Denial the Word of God (Climate debate in general)1433620-11-2017
2017 is set to be in top three hottest years, with record-breaking extreme weather (Climate debate in general)1747120-11-2017
US Off-Course, China Leads on Climate Change (Climate debate in general)62110320-11-2017
Hasn't Donald Trump pulling the US out of the Paris agreement scuppered hopes of progress? (Climate debate in general)1038420-11-2017
The True Believers Revealed (Climate debate in general)119420-11-2017
Jokers Wild (Climate debate in general)58101120-11-2017
Carl Sagan on Climate as an Emerging Issue (1990) (Climate debate in general)017220-11-2017
Prof J Kroth: The Coming Disaster - November 17, 2015 (Climate debate in general)622919-11-2017
The History of Climate Change (Climate debate in general)1330919-11-2017
Climate change denial: a history (Climate debate in general)019419-11-2017
New Federal Report, Approved by White House, Predicts 5C Rise by 2100 (Climate debate in general)73141618-11-2017
Climate Data 800,000 years (Climate debate in general)188344018-11-2017
US report contradicts Trump team: Warming mostly man-made (Climate debate in general)70128618-11-2017
The Ax is Falling (Climate debate in general)1032018-11-2017
Average Global Temperature of Ocean (Climate debate in general)3962818-11-2017 - Find out about campaigns, projects, and local groups where you can help. (Climate debate in general)015017-11-2017
'We should be on the offensive' – James Hansen calls for wave of climate lawsuits (Climate debate in general)017017-11-2017
Noam Chomsky Climate Change Speech 2017 (Climate debate in general)018217-11-2017
Michael Mann The Madhouse Effect: Climate Change Denial in the Age of Trump (Climate debate in general)023116-11-2017
Solutions anyone? (Technology)23163315-11-2017
petition to encourage president to use executive order to seize carbon assets and place in public... (Climate Policy)8185914-11-2017
This forum is f ucking garbage (Climate debate in general)89172913-11-2017
Climate model projections compared to observations (Climate debate in general)2557412-11-2017
CO2 and Global Warming (Climate debate in general)725212-11-2017
Study: Global Warming Hiatus Attributed to Redistribution (Climate debate in general)3353411-11-2017
Boycott American products (Climate debate in general)61113211-11-2017
USA now alone (Climate debate in general)1126810-11-2017
The Stench from the EPA, NASA and NOAA (Climate debate in general)80142310-11-2017
Greenman and Education (Climate debate in general)926109-11-2017
Racist Sexist Xenophobic AND Erroneous "don'T rump" Pratfalls (Climate debate in general)4193507-11-2017
Horror of Horrors - Or is that whores? (Climate debate in general)2238007-11-2017
(31st Oct) Webinar: How to help farmers become climate smart (Events etc.)831607-11-2017
Those who argue that "CO2 isn't a pollutant, it's necessary for life" are going about i (Climate debate in general)59158706-11-2017
why is it so confusing (Climate debate in general)4586803-11-2017
House Vs Bridge Thanks to Philippe (Consequences)017801-11-2017
The End of the Discussion? (Climate debate in general)3456331-10-2017
Shorter Freeze Times (Consequences)1126931-10-2017
"Atoms have consciousness" with images (Trash bin)2833229-10-2017
Showing the Sunny Side of the Millennials (Climate debate in general)1039428-10-2017
Polynya in Antarctica (Climate debate in general)1535428-10-2017
The Mental Decay of Millennials (Climate debate in general)72144825-10-2017
Ice Ages (Climate debate in general)102207925-10-2017
ABC of information from the SKY(SORA), the universe (Trash bin)2770225-10-2017
Red Sun Images in England (Climate debate in general)321523-10-2017
Are partisan politics skewing the climate debate? (Climate debate in general)626119-10-2017
Choose Life (Climate debate in general)60121517-10-2017
GWP (Global Warming Potential) (Climate debate in general)63122016-10-2017
Why the silence on zero point energy? (Science)229914-10-2017
Other causes of Climate Change? (Climate debate in general)1845812-10-2017
Can't Measure It huh? (Climate debate in general)225311-10-2017
Government 'tried to bury' its own alarming report on climate change (Climate debate in general)31100011-10-2017
Unorthodox opinion on climate change (Climate debate in general)1036510-10-2017
Doomsday 2020 Haart Report (Climate debate in general)2045910-10-2017
Other stuff (Climate debate in general)1036109-10-2017
Catastrophic global warming (Climate debate in general)2554708-10-2017
Science - hydrogen sulphide (Climate debate in general)1344608-10-2017
Do We even want solve climate change? (Climate debate in general)92162707-10-2017
Must've Been a Strong Storm (Climate debate in general)018107-10-2017
Possible the IPCC corrupted data ? (Climate debate in general)4281007-10-2017
My list of recommended renewable energy technologies (Technology)27132106-10-2017
What about Steve? (Climate debate in general)1541006-10-2017
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