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Wind Plan from Utility or Solar Panels

Wind Plan from Utility or Solar Panels06-12-2016 00:11
A couple of years ago I switched to the 100% wind power plan in my area (Houston Texas Area). The provider purchases Wind Renewable Energy Credits for all of the energy I use. Recently I began to look into installing solar panels on my house to reduce my energy bills long term. However in Texas you are only allowed to install solar panels to cover 80% of the power which you used the previous year prior to the installation. If I install the solar panels I was told that I would need to switch the plan and company I am currently on for the remaining 20% of the power I consume. For arguments sake lets say that the plan I would be going on to would use fossil fuels for power production.

My question is what method would have the lower carbon footprint. Do the Renewable Energy Credits they are purchasing based upon my electricity bill actually reduce the carbon emissions my house produces? Instinct would say that the 100% wind plan would be better as all of the energy would be based upon wind power but I am not sure about the effectiveness of the renewable energy credits.

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