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You Must Know All Society Level Structure If Want To Have The Correct Policy

You Must Know All Society Level Structure If Want To Have The Correct Policy07-07-2021 15:05
You Must Know All Society Level Structure If Want To Have The Correct Policy

There are many different level of society structures, but the question is how much you know and even understand it?

In this article I will give you the better bigger idea of whole system in this world and in other worlds as well. But it is not free lunch, if you want to use any ideas from my wisdom, you must request the special permission from me the real savior Messiah Buddha.

There are only 2 type of neutral "money currency" in every world:
– 1 is socialism money backed by group/government. (all nations are using this system).
– 2 is individual capitalism backed by everybody, which the rule of distribution set from the beginning and do not change.

If there is a table of ranking about the level of socialism structure in the current world, then here it is:
– Level 1: North Korea.
– Level 2: China.
– Level 3: Vietnam.
– Level 4: Thailand.
– Level 5: South Korea.
– Level 6: Japan.
– Level 7: USA.

The low number which mean the higher level of "socialism", the less choice less freedom of the people where they must "rely" on others.

The only reason for the "corporation capitalism" winning over the "government socialism" is because people have more choice of life.

If you wonder what is next for this society world, where is going next, then my answer is must upgrade to level 8, 9, 10, 11, etc.
So what exactly the society of higher level look like?

Well I do not get paid for doing that job, so I can give you a brief information.
Level 8, 9, 10 is where a society accept more than 1 national currency backed by 1 nation.
Example: the Chinese Yuan backed by China Government, Japan Yen backed by Japan Government.
The next level will like the people in the USA, Australia, Canada will able to use more than 1 type of money but in only few states. So they will have more choice of "neutral" money currency using than the rest of the world.

At the highest level of society people will receive passive money at same amount like some video games, no any government will decide "when" and "how" to release the money, and everything will be transparency. In that society, there won't be group/corporation either, there will be only trade between individual vs individual !

But in order to able to reach that level of society, there must need some transition process with the right policy like I have said before: from allow people use more than 1 national currency to reduce tax for small only-real-human-owned company (here no shell company or corporation own corporation), etc.

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Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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