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The USA, China & Other Nations Have 10 Days Left To Choose Their Fate

The USA, China & Other Nations Have 10 Days Left To Choose Their Fate05-01-2022 15:47
The USA, China & Other Nations Have 10 Days Left To Choose Their Fate

The end time is near and here.
My patience has reached the maximum limit after sharing the solution for the corona virus COVID pandemic and the International trade war.

Now it time for the USA, China and many other nations to choose their fate.

After the January 16th 2022 (16-01-2022), I am no longer holding the "karma" for any nations on Earth from the gods of destruction for free.
So if your nation do not contact and recognize me as the savior legend from many ancient prophecies, you could be in danger and your entire nation could collapse and disappear by natural forces and by many gods/deities.

I am no longer waiting the stupid mortal humans anymore, for they do not even believe in your God power, do not willing to open mindset to learn new things, so there is nothing can help them.
Some nations will be doomed to be the real example for rest.

All the natural gods, the angels and neutral referees are have duty to share this message to all nations for me.

You the readers should share this letter to your government/authority and other nations too if you want to save your nations.

The January 16th 2022 (16-01-2022) will be the ultimate deadline of this civilization from the savior.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha Whatever-Name

06-01-2022 04:00
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
The Jehovah Witnesses have been going door-to-door, preaching End-of-Times, for over 50 years... The governments do not listen, as they are the cheerleaders, an facilitators, who wish to end 'civilization' as we know it. If you want to remodel or renovate, you have to remove the old, to make way for the new, and improved. Now is the period for hoarding wealth and resources, constructing defense to protect them. Soon to follow, war, chaos, and anarchy. Many will die, as they have become complete dependent on the charity and guidance of government, technology. They completely lack the skills and knowledge to survive independently. For those who manage to get by, it'll be rough, hard work, always in fear that others, less inclined, will come and take everything. Those who are wealth, have control of the main resources, had prepared and hoarded, will for the new government, and offer protection and an easier life. It won't be for free, but a better chance at survival. Those that survived, won't be the submissive-types though. There will be a rebuilding, new beginning, but it'll all just lead to pretty much the same, as it's always been. Utopia, is a hippie pipe dream. We are all individuals, and have our own vision of the perfect world. We all don't smoke from the same opium pipe.
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