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Mandatory vaccination

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23-05-2021 04:01
gfm7175Profile picture★★★★★
Into the Night wrote:
gfm7175 wrote:
Ahhhhh, makes sense. We don't really have that sort of experience over here so we don't use that kind of language.

Heh. Since we have the Cascade range dividing each State in half, it's rather appropriate.

Of course, you get north or south enough of Seattle, or even if you get onto the peninsula, you run into a lot more conservative people. The liberals are generally in the Everett/Seattle/Tacoma/Olympia area. Olympia is, of course, the capitol. You should see the homeless population there!

Sounds about right. Here, the liberals and homeless population are largely in Madison (the capitol) and Milwaukee. Those issues are, naturally, starting to seep into the suburbs of both cities (Madison suburbs are quite liberal, and do nothing about it besides make it even worse, Milwaukee suburbs are quite conservative and are combating it the best they can given their immediate proximity to Milwaukee).

I spent today in the sizable expanse of land between Madison and Milwaukee, which is all quite conservative, and it's a whole different world. No one was bothering with masks and there was a huge pre-2020 vibe going on. I ate at a restaurant and just walked right in and the staff and customers were not bothering with any face diapers or distancing or whatever. I stopped at a gas station (unlike Oregon, we can pump our own gas here!) and I watched people enter/exit the building and nobody was bothering with a face diaper. I like spending my time in politically conservative areas (outside of Madison, Milwaukee, or any city with a university). The greater Madison area is just a liberal cancer of brain-dead sheep who parrot whatever their TV sets program into them. Idiots.
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