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Covid Cats...

Covid Cats...21-12-2020 20:11
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
Well, both of my cats have been sick as hell for a little over a week now. The elderly one, coughing, sneezing, running around with strings of drool/snot hanging off his chin. The baby, coughs and sneezes, eye boogers, red a swelling. I thought the older one was about done for, almost took him to a vet. He's 10-11 years old, not much time left on the clock. Not sure if it would quite right turning over to strangers either. Never really took to other people, just trusts me. He was a little wild, maybe a year old, when I start coming around, eating my Lab's food. Kind of odd, that he didn't give a damn about this huge dog, but would let me get close. He mellowed out, turned out to be a pretty good, well behaved cat, after I start giving cat food, and a place to hang out during the storms. Use to come along on the dog walks, an kept up pretty good too, unless he saw another cat...

Anyway, This morning, he's doing pretty good, appetite is back, and starved. Eat all his food, half of the other cat's, and still wanted more. He's been pretty good at leaving the cat's food alone. Hopefully, he's beat it.

The kitten is more active, but still got the eye boogers, and swelling. She came in, not likely a month old, and helped herself to the older cats food, but she would run off, when she saw me coming. Spooked easy. Didn't even have claws or teeth then. Started giving her milk, and soft food, canned tuna. She wasn't so quick to run off, for the good stuff. I had to stand watch, and let the other cat know the food wasn't for him. She's mostly tame now, but still tears me up some, and doesn't like being picked up, or held. Pretty sure either cat, would be a vet's nightmare.

I don't know which virus the have. No way am I going try and shove a Q-tip up their nose. Bad things could be expected. Usually takes a couple weeks for a respiratory infection to clear up. They get over it on their own. This one just got bad kind of quick. One cat getting old, and one just a few months old. With the holidays, probably best to be patient, and wait it out another week for the young one. She really picked a bad time to get sick, since she need to get fixed in another month or so, before going into heat. I didn't really need two cats, don't want a half dozen more.
21-12-2020 21:51
gfm7175Profile picture★★★★★
Poor kitties...
Hope they are "on-the-mend".

I believe I mentioned this in another thread, but starting early on this year, one of my neighbor's farm cats started coming over to my house here and there for hunting purposes. I eventually started feeding it. It was, obviously, quite wild at first and didn't want to be anywhere near me. Only after I would go back into the house would it approach the food dish that I put out for it and would eat from it.

Over time, it became more trusting of me and eventually it would let me pet it a little bit. Eventually, the thing started to (seemingly) purposely wait for me to get home from work and would purposely sit down by the shed door that I park my vehicles inside, wanting to get petted. Now, it doesn't wait outside for me anymore, but it is still perfectly aware of precisely whenever I arrive home from being "out and about". Usually, that means that it comes out from the run-down shed that it now lives in and it sits down along the walkway to my house to receive attention from me before I go inside. It sometimes even pops out to receive attention from me before I leave for work in the morning.

Even though I regularly feed it, it still goes out hunting as much as it has ever done, so it hasn't turned into a free-loader or anything like that. It's amazing how much the thing eats! It's helped me out as well. The prior year I didn't get much of a strawberry or blackberry yield since other critters would get to the plants, but with the cat hanging around that area, I got quite the yield this year.

Another neighbor cat has also started coming over for food. That thing needed it though, since it was really skinny and it looked like it had been in numerous fights with other cats. Given the apparent history of that cat's life, it does NOT want to be touched in ANY way/shape/form, yet it is not afraid to be a foot away from me whenever I'm putting food down for it.

It's been a long time since I've had any outdoor cats around (I used to have my own many years ago), so it's been nice having a couple of the neighbor's cats come over and find themselves a new home and a new playground for hunting. There are A LOT of mice in the old hay field for them to eat!!
22-12-2020 03:22
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
I just have a lot of patience, and don't force anything. I just remember responses and behavior, and know when to walk away. Getting regular food and water, helps gain their trust. But never being a threat, or spooking them helps too. These cats are free to come and go. Mostly, they only stay in, when the weather is bad. They come in and hang out for a while everyday, but mostly they prefer outdoors. The old one was never much of a hunter, least never saw him. The kitten hunts a lot, and shares. Just wish she'd kill first. before bringing anything in the house. The bugs and lizards weren't too bad, but now its small rats and mice. Fortunately, she tortures them, and easy to catch. From the security cameras, seems like she gets them from the apartments next door.

Both of these cats were young, and starving, which probably help in getting them tamed (mostly). I never had to train either to use the litterbox. The old one used it in emergencies, like hurricanes, getting shut in while I'm at work. The kitten seems to use it exclusively, even when the door is wide open. Sort of a pissing contest between the two anymore. A daily chore for me. Guess it's for the best, until the female gets fixed. Hope she grows out of it though.

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