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Climate debate in general

Comments or questions about climate change which do not fit into the specific categories, or which cover more than one category.

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What would the world be like if every molecule in the atmosphere is a CO2? - (Side: 1 2 3 4)804615011-02-2016
people despise climate scientists because they have a political agenda11631011-02-2016
CO2 the Magic Gas!17492311-02-2016
there is no proof more CO2 can cause warming906211-02-2016
Help To Stop Wasting Paper On Receipts (Online Petition)847110-02-2016
CO2 makes Earth much cooler than the Moon because it blocks the Sun's IR16351610-02-2016
Positives on Global Warming - (Side: 1 2)33006210-02-2016
NOAA and Keeling caught liar liar pants on fire636109-02-2016
there is no evidence more CO2 traps more heat and heats the Earth12961909-02-2016
no one can refute this argument from deniers15081307-02-2016
What would the world be like if the atmosphere is 25% O2 and 75% N2? - (Side: 1 2 3 4)709614503-02-2016
Were Glaciations Nothing More Than Crustal Shifts?16933029-01-2016
no one cares about climate635127-01-2016
2015: Warmest Year on Record1029725-01-2016
Welcome to the New Ice Age870325-01-2016
Does the bad a$$ Dr. Pierrer Latour blow IPCC away?1215819-01-2016
Uh oh. More CO2 causes global cooling.1308516-01-2016
There is no mathematical and scientific foundation nor any experimental evidence of the greenhouse effect1074516-01-2016
CO2, all benefits, no negatives961416-01-2016
The entire greenhouse effect does not even add 0.1 C. The debate is over. The science is settled.19112712-01-2016
Christopher Columbus sailed into the unknown and discovered the New World. He should be our idol.946712-01-2016
Alarmists are wrong. The debate is over.14221511-01-2016
both sides are wrong1173511-01-2016
Why the ethics of trying to stop climate change is unethical711010-01-2016
If Earth's atmosphere consists entirely of O2, Earth's be 33 C colder? Really? Seriously?831410-01-2016
glacials and interglacials caused by resonance?737110-01-2016
Let's suppose CO2 does increase temperature. What's the big deal?1137609-01-2016
there is no greenhouse effect783209-01-2016
the 15 C average global temperature figure, how is this even correct?869109-01-2016
Greenhouse effect theory violates the second law of thermodynamics15472208-01-2016
Why did Global Warming put the Record Freeze on Hudson Valley?699108-01-2016
the difference between light and heat3094108-01-2016
Why the CO2 mirror analogy is wrong762308-01-2016
CO2 blocks the Sun's incoming short wave and blocks Earth's outgoing long wave, so increasing it13421208-01-2016
Why does greenhouse effect make Earth's surface so cool compared to what it would otherwise be? - (Side: 1 2)40877208-01-2016
Where's the infrared light that greenhouse gases shoot toward the ground?10851208-01-2016
Why would CO2 cause sea level to rise and ocean to acidify? - (Side: 1 2)36967707-01-2016
cost benefit analysis of burning fossil fuels and why fossil fuels should be massively subsidized949606-01-2016
CO2 is not an issue - (Side: 1 2)24484006-01-2016
Is James Hansen right or wrong?850306-01-2016
Sea level rise due to thermal expansion, scare or scare not854305-01-2016
Climate scientists don't know anything about the past. They should stop making fools of themselves.864305-01-2016
burning fossil fuels is doing God's bidding760104-01-2016
I say, let the ice melt - (Side: 1 2)27384004-01-2016
Won't mankind eventually run out of fresh water if Antarctica keeps hogging fresh water?963504-01-2016
based on the satellite measurements of the world, the Earth seems to be colder than normal14512704-01-2016
Climate Change effects on reptile taxa in Chile!!974604-01-2016
Global warming is a good thing so why some people worry about it?1093604-01-2016
Why alarmists will lose688202-01-2016
It appears that past estimates of prehistoric CO2 levels were not accurate and there is no statistically1224402-01-2016
Why CO2 and H2O vapor should be celebrated, not demonized953902-01-2016
Doesn't CO2 (and H2O vapor for that matter) make Earth's surface cooler and summers cooler?840201-01-2016
the two words that doomed climate change alarmism845331-12-2015
climate scientists are glasses wearing geeks who were dorks when they were kids and15082031-12-2015
I have a theory, on what causes glacials and interglacials976531-12-2015
today's climate compared to those of Jurassic, Pliocene, Eemian, and why today is not normal677131-12-2015
Alarmists are wrong. Humans are not nature's enemy. Humans are nature's savior.13061631-12-2015
the greenhouse effect, total junk science12331330-12-2015
I can't stand deniers say CO2 is not important because it's only 0.04%14291428-12-2015
Is the Eemian peak the ideal climate?668128-12-2015
Total global CO2-stop (scientific value?) - (Side: 1 2 3)52388428-12-2015
Is Al Gore's CO2 chart right?1241228-12-2015
Why do alarmists think humans are messing up nature?792228-12-2015
Alarmists versus deniers, what's the disagreement really about?11241326-12-2015
The Sun, not CO2, is the driver of temperature871426-12-2015
Why Should We Trust (or not Trust) the IPCC?19532225-12-2015
People who care about climate, is it about loving Earth or is it about their own self interests?896625-12-2015
CCS from the air716224-12-2015
Can mankind control Earth's climate?957623-12-2015
stabilize greenhouse gasses - (Side: 1 2)28044022-12-2015
Is education the solution?848522-12-2015
Europe's weather in winter time, scary high?855222-12-2015
Will Warm Winters Balance Out The Effects Of Greenhouse Gases?10311022-12-2015
97% of Scientists Can't be Wrong, Can They? - (Side: 1 2)31275621-12-2015
Why was climate change not an issue until after the Cold War ended?843521-12-2015
Why is Greenland Covered in Ice?18283321-12-2015
human contribution by the numbers - (Side: 1 2)39576121-12-2015
A New Theory of Global Warming - (Side: 1 2)37725119-12-2015
Interesting piece about Greenpeace1075610-12-2015
What a price!865207-12-2015
COP21 - Political Fantasy Island984206-12-2015
Demonstrate during COP21?679402-12-2015
The first alphabet of Nature be capitalized767302-12-2015
Solution to Methane problem as well as oil spills (A novel way to clean oceans)923302-12-2015
Recording the inventions of Nature787201-12-2015
Climate and Human Civilization over the last 18,000 years827029-11-2015
Another crazy El Nino week12991529-11-2015
Great Question (Re: El Nino)905329-11-2015
A Better Way To Deal The Problem off Climate Change? - (Side: 1 2)29875227-11-2015
Is There Climate Change?13051927-11-2015
First direct observation of carbon dioxide's greenhouse effect at Earth's surface25922723-11-2015
Thoughts on Green Energy805222-11-2015
Some good videos on M2C2 (man-made climate change)1088819-11-2015
Is Global Warming a "New Testament."720217-11-2015
Antarctic Ice mass changes17932015-11-2015
The Top 425653414-11-2015
How much of climate change is man-made?16892913-11-2015
Is "Climate Change" Complex? - (Side: 1 2)31425713-11-2015
The failure of climate change theory - (Side: 1 2 3 4)1327215813-11-2015
I made this video on Climate Change to try and educate kids to help spread awareness about this serious t16982512-11-2015
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