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Climate debate in general

Comments or questions about climate change which do not fit into the specific categories, or which cover more than one category.

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It is warmer now than the peaks of the Medieval Warm Period2483529-11-2014
Climate change impacts - making it a bit more personal1398427-11-2014
Did climate deniers just admit they don't know what they're talking about?20081627-11-2014
2 degree increase is what we are looking at ?=579123-11-2014
Need help responding to someone who doesn't believe in man made Global Warming56581123-11-2014
A Broader Discussion665122-11-2014
global warming542122-11-2014
Australia looks set for drought912013-11-2014
senior thesis506008-11-2014
senior thesis520006-11-2014
social wall capturing climate trends667105-11-2014
For my geography assignment, Global Warming1140205-11-2014
link between global warming and personal health1267229-09-2014
Nasa and Ipcc admitted to manipulating global temperature data1263019-08-2014
Why different 'global temp' measurements?4866319-08-2014
New Source of Climate Info2374119-08-2014
I have an idea to correct Global Warming.1575514-08-2014
If you could have a specific result in climate change, what would it be?613114-08-2014
Combatting a Climate Liar Denier troll1622409-08-2014
China's Air pollution1534208-08-2014
State action plan on Climate Change1232017-06-2014
Genuine, serious, new solution1773227-05-2014
Maybe its something else?1905115-05-2014
Why can't they decide1562209-05-2014
The impact of raising climate awareness?1015105-05-2014
Why are we doing this?899108-04-2014
Berkley Earth Temperature Analysis - possible flaws ?2848907-02-2014
Pachamama kickstarter1148026-01-2014
Report : Climate Change and Global serious errors of designing technology .3899524-01-2014
The Earths Magnetic North1343013-01-2014
The most cost effective method to mitigate global warming (by far)1706101-01-2014
US International Treaty to make protesting Climate Change ILLEGAL1743023-12-2013
Views from the World962020-12-2013
Why isn't public being told?1278211-12-2013
Global warming and the answer .1594022-10-2013
Eighteen Types of Trees to Save the World1069012-10-2013
Naomi Klein: 'Big Green Groups Are More Damaging Than Climate Deniers'2936129-09-2013
Static and Dynamic Globe model of the Earth1477022-09-2013
Climate change: Search of right ideas1344123-08-2013
Is change at fault for the outbreak of cholera in Haiti?1767008-08-2013
Which is better?2275702-08-2013
Jakarta: Documentary on Environmental Awareness1441009-07-2013
India's drought: A natural calamity or a man-made one?1973009-05-2013
What to think about this problem?3099729-04-2013
Climate change1343128-02-2013
Climate Change Questionnaire1800024-02-2013
Hurricanes Worldwide 1970-201284081001-02-2013
Shame award for Shell1623028-01-2013
What can we do for the environment?2231109-01-2013
Accumulated Cyclone Energy worldwide6215023-12-2012
Corporate Spies3584120-12-2012
Betting on Global Warming3466209-12-2012
A recent development in energy security6873503-12-2012
A climatic geo portal for every point in the world1596028-11-2012
VERY Good video1964009-11-2012
updated climatic data1672015-08-2012
UAH reveals UrbAn Heat6871629-05-2012
Amazing facts about climate change4068122-12-2011
Climate Change - Who's Got the Score?3687029-06-2011
Where should we expect UHI in temperature data 1979-2009?4151611-05-2011
Accuracy of climate model predictions: links2810211-05-2011
Climate configurations2615511-05-2011
chemtrails or fixing the sky with flawed technologies4480216-02-2011
When (if at all) did human co2 emissions begin to affect the climate?4867416-02-2011
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