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Climate debate in general

Comments or questions about climate change which do not fit into the specific categories, or which cover more than one category.

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Falsifiable or Not?5981704-06-2017
So there is no greenhouse effect, and I can prove it .. what to do next? - (Side: 1 2)19946401-06-2017
no leveling off of warming - (Side: 1 2)12684631-05-2017
Emissivity of the ocean12363829-05-2017
Black Body Radiation and Stefan-Boltzmann - (Side: 1 2)14485426-05-2017
The Debate8122426-05-2017
Early 20th Century Arctic Warming5752024-05-2017
The True Believer's Delima - (Side: 1 2)16224024-05-2017
More NASA and NOAA scientists stepping up to the plate.7961124-05-2017
The Secret kf Atmospheric Forcing4931122-05-2017
Seeking experts for discussion in VR355122-05-2017
Waste Heat - (Side: 1 2)15074320-05-2017
CLIMATE CHANGE SURVEY!!!5531419-05-2017
Experimental results proves CO2 does not increase temperature, so why still debate?861418-05-2017
nationalgeographic on climate change - (Side: 1 2)17515917-05-2017
Energy cannot be created or destroyed. Energy can be redistributed.5071114-05-2017
Simple thermodynamics for climate sceptics12013914-05-2017
NASA Data Analysis proves that modern temperature rate of increase is NOT unusual8032013-05-2017
Arguing for the sake of arguing332113-05-2017
Adaptation of inland fisheries and aquaculture to climate change conference454111-05-2017
Actual Measurements5061408-05-2017
Does the Earth Have a Natural Greenhouse Effect? - (Side: 1 2)16716207-05-2017
Consensus of Scientists and Proof - (Side: 1 2 ... 8)743430705-05-2017
Solar Cells and Sonoma County311202-05-2017
Climate Change is a Blessing. - (Side: 1 2 3)242311201-05-2017
The greenhouse effect denier Enceladus8222101-05-2017
Clouds and nocturnal cooling9472830-04-2017
Points of Agreement6702429-04-2017
Cloud feedbacks390329-04-2017
The most debated feedback / forcings?251129-04-2017
Increased CO2 as the cause for civilisation7482228-04-2017
Would the "Red Team" Approach Be An Improvement Over Peer Review?7623128-04-2017
climate change expert sentenced to 32 months for fraud. So much for SCIENCE, eh? More like POLITICAL scie692527-04-2017
Global warming set to pass 2C threshold in 205010483627-04-2017
Every thread turns into a discussion about the 2nd law of thermodynamics6041727-04-2017
Hockey Stick Climate Sensitivity410426-04-2017
The 3 questions we should all be asking about global warming.418426-04-2017
March for Science6082525-04-2017
Man-Made Causes - (Side: 1 2 ... 6)510823124-04-2017
Stockholm University is looking for a Arctic Climate Doctorate447724-04-2017
The Complexity of Climate Change - (Side: 1 2 3 4)375213124-04-2017
Christopher Monckton Climate Sensitivity12943019-04-2017
Japan's cherry blossoms come increasingly early7021909-04-2017
Climate Sensitivity549608-04-2017
Arctic ice falls to record winter low after polar 'heatwaves'7321004-04-2017
Climate Change Dishonesty - (Side: 1 2)15345203-04-2017
Far right-winger here that acknowledges climate change, what can we do? - (Side: 1 2)20616101-04-2017
I am an Arctic researcher. Donald Trump is deleting my citations6711330-03-2017
The Paris Agreement: A deficient solution to a non-problem?7072429-03-2017
Carbon Offsetting328028-03-2017
Christopher Monckton's Papers7801126-03-2017
libtards, your climate change hero Hillary Clinton lost fair and square, nothing you can say about it - (Side: 1 2 3)302510825-03-2017
Science of Climate Change388225-03-2017
Extreme weather7402024-03-2017
Ice Ages386322-03-2017
No one cares even if 97% of climate scientists think more CO2 causes warmer weather. Because of Galileo.15002421-03-2017
Magnetic Field and Pole Reversal451320-03-2017
News Flashes - (Side: 1 2)11355320-03-2017
More Claims Shattered - (Side: 1 2)12634520-03-2017
Atmospheric nuclear bombs6281219-03-2017
And Another Claim Bites the Dust7772915-03-2017
New EPA chief does not think carbon dioxide causes climate change6291714-03-2017
New theory about climate change561514-03-2017
How much money is Hillary trying to steal from the middle class about global warming? - (Side: 1 2)18006114-03-2017
Bend over and say "Ahhh"534914-03-2017
Northern hemisphere sees in early spring due to global warming - (Side: 1 2 3)301011113-03-2017
In Obama's final State of the Union Address, he mocked deniers. He bad person?1092513-03-2017
Climate Effect of CO2 Alone Without Feedback.8332512-03-2017
And STILL no change5591211-03-2017
Is the United States doomed to be the global dumb-dumb when it comes to M2C2? - (Side: 1 2)26645611-03-2017
Reposted, real scientists rant from reddit463110-03-2017
United States tornadoes today9232709-03-2017
How to survive a Hydrogen Sulphide release (Revised)460209-03-2017
Rapid climate shift due to Albedo Flip2758407-03-2017
Highest CO2 in thousands of years?7372306-03-2017
Another Blow to the CO2 Record5441005-03-2017
2016 was the hottest year4961228-02-2017
More new data8612228-02-2017
Natural CO2 vs man made CO2-is there a difference? - (Side: 1 2)18184528-02-2017
there is no proof past climate was significantly warmer when CO2 was much more448327-02-2017
Now About that Greenhouse Gas515327-02-2017
CO2 increasing too fast9282226-02-2017
Mr. Wake - (Side: 1 2)18935826-02-2017
Volcanic & Green House Gases, Melt Polar Caps740925-02-2017
Ocean is rising, WHY! I need you to add to my list8993325-02-2017
Liberals View of Americans380425-02-2017
California Liberals498425-02-2017
97% Consensis on AGW? - (Side: 1 2)16304425-02-2017
True Believers8192025-02-2017
Vostok Data825424-02-2017
Global warming is a joke.8922524-02-2017
The Hockey Stick Controversy8442624-02-2017
Global cooling in 2030 it's true??? - (Side: 1 2 3 4)410413324-02-2017
water and air have a moderating effect and a heating effect9422224-02-2017
July hottest month since records began say nasa - (Side: 1 2)21705424-02-2017
Students Against Climate Change450724-02-2017
Neurosis And Global Warming425819-02-2017
Another Step Forward276018-02-2017
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