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The Flaws Of The Current Global Financial & Government System

The Flaws Of The Current Global Financial & Government System05-01-2021 04:41
The Flaws Of The Current Global Financial & Government System

Where do the trade war come from?
From the unfair trading rule between nations, simple like that.

First, you need to analyze the system carefully in order to have the right solution & decision.

Where and who are controlling and deciding the trading rule between nations?
They are the top controller group of each nations and/or some "don't give a fuk about the rest" group.

I don't give a fuk either about who are they for they are just living in a little tiny world in the Universe, while I have already known and able to live in the endless dimensional of life.

They are the problem because they are prefer war & chaos over wanting a "fairer" system for all.

Because if they are truly want to end the trading war conflict, the must step they must have done by now is having a big bounty reward on the internet for whoever can come up with a big idea to end the conflict.

What is the flaw of the current financial system then?
It is not based on supply and demand rule only, but instead it based on "top controller group decision".
Because they are having different idea of life such as socialism, capitalism, etc.

If it just about jobs, then there is no reason to implement massive technology system just to eliminate "job".

The sad part is that some nations have not gut to fight back such as the USA, Europe, for if they want to fight back, they must put big bounty reward to put hope not only the "secret team" but also the whole community.

You cannot change the system by destroy the current system and implement the new one such as the QFS like some group are promoting.

The only solution to solve the trade war problem is adding something new into the current system.
But for what and how?
To give the people from all nations fairer system of living.
Jobs cannot be the problem since you can create unlimited jobs.

If you wonder what should be added into the current system then first you must gather people the top government of each nations come to talk in same room/platform. Secondly, present all the possible ideas from around the world, the correct one is the one will satisfy the at least 90% of all nations. But the same goal must be "fairer living opportunity for all nations" and "do not destroy the current life system", so even if few nations got some "disadvantage" because of the additional one, they must overcome that new challenge.

The world system cannot continue running like this one with no the end sign.

Of course I have my own idea own solution about what should to be done, but the sad part is that no any top government open their mindset and willing to listen to me.
You cannot send other people gold, money if they are chose to either close their bank account/wallet or do not want to open the new one.

Disaster will come if you living with no purpose, I can smell the end of many nations such as the USA, Europe because of the people do not have purpose of living anymore, they are desperate need help but their government don't give a fuk about them.

I cannot save the people who do not have faith and believe in me as the Savior Messiah Buddha.

You have nothing to lose to believe in me, but you do not open your mindset and show your desire.

There is absolutely nothing more I can help the whole stupid flaws system when the decision markers the top governments do not willing to listen.
So from now I will only focus on individual ascension, spirituality, awakening stuffs.

Best Regard,
The Savior

Edited on 05-01-2021 04:42
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