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Question for the Einsteins

Question for the Einsteins20-04-2019 17:09
IBdaMannProfile picture★★★★★
Greenland was mostly green the last time carbon levels were this high.

Hey, geniuses, carbon levels are this high, and Greenland is buried under miles of ice and the ice mass is growing.

It would seem to a scientist that atmospheric composition doesn't matter, you know, kind of what Stefan-Boltzmann says.

So, ... remind me again, why do atmospheric CO2 levels matter?

Global Warming: The preferred religion of the scientifically illiterate.

Printing dollars to pay debt doesn't increase the number of dollars. - keepit

When the alt-physics birds sing about "indivisible bodies," we've got pure BS. - VernerHornung

Ah the "Valid Data" myth of ITN/IBD. - tmiddles

Ceist - I couldn't agree with you more. But when money and religion are involved, and there are people who value them above all else, then the lies begin. - trafn

You are completely misunderstanding their use of the word "accumulation"! - Climate Scientist.

The Stefan-Boltzman equation doesn't come up with the correct temperature if greenhouse gases are not considered - Hank

:*sigh* Not the "raw data" crap. - Leafsdude

IB STILL hasn't explained what Planck's Law means. Just more hand waving that it applies to everything and more asserting that the greenhouse effect 'violates' it.- Ceist
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