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Bad news...

Bad news...21-04-2020 20:42
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
Well, got my first quarter 2020, 401k statement yesterday. Lost $22,000, since the last statement. Not quite as bad as I had feared. Obama stole more during his watch. Pretty sure I'll recover most of it, by the end of the year, if we don't do shutdown again. Trump is good for the economy, and my 401k, looking forward to another 4 years of prosperity.

We had a meeting with the HR manager at work, this morning. She gave us the sad news, that we had our first confirmed case of Covid-19 in the warehouse. She went on to assure us that neither had been in the warehouse 72 hours, before getting the results. Obviously lying about that being relevant, takes 3-7 days to get the test results, once the sample is sent off. She also went over the hand washing, social distancing, face masks. Notice, she didn't have a mask on, even pulled down to talk. Don't think a dress like that had pockets, but honestly, was checking out something else. No easy access, for a cleavage stash, for a mask either. She was standing, almost shoulder-to-shoulder, with a warehouse manager, who at least had a mask hanging around her neck. She probably actually uses it to, her husband has health issues. Nothing to worry about, just keep following the posted guidelines.

Only worry I have, is the started furloughing people last Friday, some had volunteer (missed that meeting, was on vacation). Apparently, some volunteered, others were chosen for attendance or performance issues. She asked if anyone was still interested, and that she'd go by seniority. That didn't sound too good to me, pretty high up the list. Hoping she was referring to the volunteers, and not having to pick the remainder she needed. We are still doing normal business, but they usually like to build up some, because summer gets pretty busy, Memorial Day weekend, through Labor Day. Not a great time for new hires, they usually don't stay long, rough start. Doesn't seem like they should cut too many jobs, restrictions are starting to relax, and Memorial Day weekend might be reasonably normal.
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