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Year Long, Arctic Climate Change Study... How 'Green'?

Year Long, Arctic Climate Change Study... How 'Green'?21-09-2019 02:00
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"The 140-million euro ($158 million) expedition into the ice will see 600 scientists from 19 countries, including Germany, the United States, Britain, France, Russia and China, work together in one of the most inhospitable regions of the planet."

Obviously, they won't likely be using renewable energy for this expedition, and likely to be highly carbon expensive. Never disappoints me, how the folks that are raising the alarm, find new and interesting ways to increase their own contributions to their own problem. The ships, yes plural, one isn't going to be enough for this party, aren't exactly fuel efficient either, very heavy, and designed for brute force, to plow through thick ice. I don't imagine there is a 'green' substitute for their heating and energy needs either. Fossil fuels are the only thing they could use, to make the party happen. Wonder what their projected carbon-footprint will be for the year.

I'll have to look up the project, and see what kinds of details I can squeeze out. The 'Solar-boat' last week, was an obvious joke, a few solar panels, that they didn't need, and could have made the trip just the same, without. More of a backup supply, if even that. Guess renewable, really are nothing but a sick joke, they are playing on us, uneducated folks. Good enough for the poor, working class serfs. Rich folks can't survive without fossil fuels, they don't often even try to make the appearance that they actually understand or care, yet everyone else is expected to learn, and fear climate change, and do all we can to fight the phantom foe.

Well, at least the United States did their part to reduce the carbon-footprint of the project... We chipped in a few bucks (likely the bulk of the cash), but didn't give them the use of one of our boats. Really hate how democrats can't find money for national security (border wall), but it's so easy to find cash for anything else. And worse, they obviously lied, telling us there is no money, and never held accountable for lying. How many of Trump's campaign staff got prison time, for contradictory statements, considered lies. Some, I don't believe were intentional, who really can hold up to lengthy interrogations, at 70+ years old, and not get confused a little. Blatant lies, over-reach, and abuse of power, should be sufficient grounds to drain the swamp. Hope Trump addresses that issue the next 4 years, it's all public record.
21-09-2019 03:46
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
Thankfully, RV Polarstern won't have to get started on her own: when she departs Tromsø on 20 September 2019, bound north, the flagship of the Alfred Wegener Institute will be accompanied by the Russian research icebreaker Akademik Fedorov. The two icebreakers will support each other when breaking into the ice and further researchers, who will help set up the research infrastructure on site, as well as an international group of 20 young investigators, will be on board. And when it comes to looking for the 'perfect' ice floe, which has the right qualities for the Ice Camp, the two ships will be supported by their own helicopters. Later, once Polarstern has anchored at the ice floe, allowed herself to become frozen in the ice, and dispatched her scientific crew to set up the central research stations on the ice, Akademik Fedorov will begin deploying automatic monitoring stations in a radius of up to 50 kilometres. And throughout the expedition, the researchers will use Polarstern's two on-board helicopters to visit remote stations from time to time, in order to conduct routine maintenance or retrieve the latest data. The nearby stations and measuring equipment are a different story: the researchers can reach them using one of eight snowmobiles or, to keep emissions to a minimum, on foot.

The fuel for these vehicles, for the helicopters and planned research flights, and above all to keep the icebreaker and the stations on the ice up and running, can be found on board Polarstern and Akademik Fedorov – not to mention all of the expedition equipment, including provisions. Additional fuel will be supplied by the massive Russian icebreaker Admiral Makharov, which will also make the first and second resupply runs in December 2019 and February 2020, when the ice is still thin enough to break through it; they will involve exchanging the Polarstern crew, the researchers and their gear, and delivering fuel and provisions, and will tentatively take place in mid-December 2019 and mid-February 2020. To avoid damaging the research camp during the resupply missions Admiral Makharov will drop anchor several hundred metres away and pump fuel to Polarstern using heavy-duty hoses. The remaining supplies and the researchers' equipment will be hauled to camp on sledges pulled by snowcats. On her return journey, Admiral Makharov will take with her not only crew members, researchers and their gear, but also any waste that isn't suitable for Polarstern's special litter-incineration system.

Not surprising the website is a little thin on actual numbers and estimates. But as you can read in the above quote, they are sparing no carbon expense. 5 ice breaker ships, 2 research planes, unknown number of helicopters, snow-cats, and snowmobiles.
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