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What The US Military, Leaders Need To Do Now Is Fix Their Mistakes & Save Their Nation

What The US Military, Leaders Need To Do Now Is Fix Their Mistakes & Save Their Nation26-07-2021 20:14
What The US Military, Leaders Need To Do Now Is Fix Their Mistakes & Save Their Nation
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There is a golden opportunity right now for the top US military and leaders to fix their big mistakes last few years and save their nation from natural catastrophe.

– The US Election 2020 was "sold out" to China by some stupid corrupt leaders in the military & decision makers.
– The corona virus pandemic NCOV COVID event was "sold out" too, for there is no way with their intelligence agency that easy non-dangerous virus can become a crazy pandemic like what going on right now in the whole world.

But that is the past, the present moment is much more important, you guys must believe me the real savior Messiah Buddha, and follow this order quickly.

Step 1:
US military catch and declare the whole current administrator as the threat to the safety of whole USA because of COVID vaccine decision. The current Biden administrator are listening to China & EU to make decision about the pandemic, instead of use their own mindset to think and give out the correct strategy to safe American life.

Evidence Example: Just look at thousand year floods in China, European Union (Germany, Belgium). That is no seasonal flood like, but a real signal from heaven, from god and from above beings of how wrong the way that nations are treating their people and handling the virus pandemic.

If the USA do not act now, there could be much more dangerous natural catastrophe disasters event appear on America land like super earthquake, super tsunami, super floods, etc.

Step 2:
Release the letter I have just published today about mechanism of NCOV COVID, the fact the secret of COVID vaccine, the best solution to stop the virus pandemic.

Step 3:
Call for new election with a special rule that the president candidate must not from any political party. While the state election rule still remain, so political parties from each state will vote for candidate in the most fair way.

Step 4:
Welcome to the new era, new world.

That is pretty much a crazy godlike strategy right there.
I do not want to talk about the CCP and China but those actions was desperate move to save their regime because they got some hints from some kind of beings who can see nearby future about the collapse.

If the US military & leaders want to use my strategy, please make sure make a fair amount of donation.
I am much more smarter and more powerful than all kind of religion gods/deities, but I am straight forward and never try to read other thinking & history.
If you want to have more discussion, you guys must open up directly.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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