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This book will help the world defeat the corona virus COVID

This book will help the world defeat the corona virus COVID27-11-2021 17:56
Everybody Can Become World Champion With The Ultimate Godlike Of Love, Foods Metric System
Original Source:

This book will:
– Help you and the world defeat the corona virus COVID.
– Become the best natural COVID vaccine for the people, better than any kind of COVID vaccine on the commercial market.
– Help you easily become world champion.
– Help you extend your longevity, healthier, smarter, stronger.

If it does not work like above describe, I will not only return your donation but will send you 10 times more the amount you donate me.

The detail and example of the book can be seen at

Minimum requirement in order to obtain this book is donation of 9999 US Dollar or more.
Delivery time within 24-72 hours after the donation received and checked.

Best Regard,
The Savior

Original Source:
28-11-2021 04:18
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
A healthy human doesn't actually need a vaccine. The species has survive a very long time, without any vaccines, or medicines... I ain't eating no hot peppers...

Vaccines are for those who are of poor health, or have little faith in there natural ability to fight diseases. Humans are easily manipulated, and separated from their paycheck, freedoms, and liberties. The success of all the hype, hysteria, and fear mongering, is a testament to just how poorly educated the 'civilized' world has become. But, we have the internet, hundreds of TV channels, and video games...
28-11-2021 05:25
Everybody Can Become World Champion With The Ultimate Godlike Of Love, Foods Metric System

The minimum requirement need to obtain this ebook is a voluntary donation of 9999 USD or more.
Delivery time within 24-72 hours after the donation received and checked.

Here is the first few pages of the book:
Page 1

Cover Book.....
Everybody can become professional players and get rich if they follow the guidance of this book.
Work for all sport players at all difference level in all variety sports.
For non sport players: this book will help you stronger, smarter, healthier, have a better life.
100% guarantee satisfy, increase the performance from at least 50% to 100% and even more with various methods from control food diet, life style to some special crazy strategies.
100% refund if this book do not work like describe in case it does not help you increase your performance. Willing to take test via any professional lab house.

Increasing survival rate against all kind of virus to above 99.99%.

1 copy 1 person using only. Not allowed to sell/trade/share with any other person, entity, group, team, organization under any circumstance.

Author: Ocean Fire Volcano Water

Page 2

Pre Words From Author
Many people have a dream of become a sport player super star, become a celebrity.
But the odds are quite low for various reasons from social living environment, personal finance, lack of correct guidance to even "luck".

Many sports are more and more boring due to lack of creative, very easy to predict how the match will go and the outcome of certain match game before even watching it.

This book will help sports become more interesting to see, give people equal chance to become professional players, bring down the margin between "super star" vs "walking bye" players, teams in all variety of different sports such as: soccer/football, basketball, tennis, baseball, badminton, hockey, ping pong, handball, etc.
Not only targeting on sport players, but this book also want to bring a fresh air to the whole society where any non-sport players can try and get stronger, smarter, richer with the "beyond godlike" food diet, lifestyle, strategy, philosophy.
You do not need go to any sport academy/school to become professional sport players if you have this ultimate godlike sport book in hand.

I do believe this book will help you extent your longevity to many more years because it will increase your survival rate chance against any kind of virus, diseases such as corona virus COVID, HIV, cancer, etc.

This book is sacred and will become one of the most important book in human history, on par with many old religion books such as the Bible, the Quran, Tao Te Ching.

Read and enjoy !

Ocean Fire Volcano Water

Page 3

Special Using Rules, Permission Of This eBook/Book

This book is sacred and very important with a lot of godlike knowledge, wisdom.
So unlike most other books on the market, this one will have some special rules/permission of using it. Please read it carefully and treat it with respect and moral of a human god.

– You must obtain the book/ebook via legit ways for your own benefit.
– All the contents on this book are only be used for personal purpose using. Not for any kind of commercial.
– You are not allowed to sell/trade/share this books with any entities/personal/group under any circumstance, for whatever reason.
– For any other specific, special case, you must need a special permission from the author before using it.

If you ask what happen if not follow above rules?
Then my answer is that be careful with many super God/Deities who are also on Earth planet, you may get very bad luck in life for this kind of stupid actions with this sacred books.

100% refund if this book do not either increase your sport performance or your health, your longevity.

Endless Support
All the legit way that obtaining the book with come with lifetime support from the author and the publisher team, until the website is closed.
The support here is unlimited endless questions/answer/advice to clear your doubt, to give you more specific guide/advice for your unique case.

All support channel, communication method can be found at website:

Best Regard,
The Savior

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