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The Only Working Solution For World Economy Conflict Is Upgrading The Global Financial System

The Only Working Solution For World Economy Conflict Is Upgrading The Global Financial System06-10-2020 11:25
The Only Working Solution For World Economy Conflict Is Upgrading The Global Financial System

The current financial system is like the flow of water in big ocean.
The economy conflict battle between nations because they are fighting for a spot in the rivers.

Why there is migration crisis?
Because the currency rate is "high", thus receive "higher" money value for the same job, only different is at what location what nations.

Why there is trade war?
Because nations is not allow to print and use money freely.
Because you cannot allow to do anything you want in a big ocean of water.

The root world economy problem of all is the current global financial system.
So the only working solution is to upgrading the current global financial system to fairer better for all.
What is fairer better for all is depend on each nations each people's vision and knowledge of life.

There are 2 types of products and services: essential and non-essential.
There is nothing wrong for any national government desire to able to produce essential products services, rather than rely on others because of a stupid reason number value on money fiat paper !

But since you are already have and living in a big ocean full of water, you can only create your own swimming pool, lakes. The current financial system is similar to that picture.

The only working solution to satisfy most people most nations is divide and have 2 type of money: domestic and international.

Domestic currencies for basic essential products services.
International global money currencies for premium non-essential products.

Because the new global system so all nations will have the same starting point and both advantage disadvantage.

If you think like a true king,then the domestic currencies will set, managed by each national government. While the international currencies will be based on pure supply and demand of the market.

There is no need of any government to direct control the non-essential products, international currencies.

All they need is to control the local domestic currencies only.
There will be many various methods such as little to no tax for domestic products, free domestic money for all at control small amount like 3 month of average salary income per year, etc.

The international currencies will be remain like now which required natural resources in order to insert money into the system.

You cannot satisfy all beings, the loser groups will have to make change to save their own life, and the winner groups must to follow or going to vanish.

You must give back power to the people.
And the true power of any government is not the title but ability to print endless enough money and control the local economy system of their own people.

It is going to encourage people to be more creative to create more unique products services.

New era, new global financial system, new game, new life !

Don't forget to receive the special permission from me the author Savior of this godlike idea solution.

Best Regard,
The Savior

06-10-2020 17:43
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
International currency is creating a global government, which produces nothing, and provides no service. Steals wealth, and control over other countries, too stupid to see it for what it is, socialism. Socialism doesn't work. There is little incentive for people to earn a living, since everything they need is jut handed to them. No reliable labor, no business can be productive, to pay the ever increasing taxes, to pay for all the 'free stuff' given to lazy, unmotivated Biden supporters. Socialism mostly appeals to drug users...
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