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The Global Chaos Cannot Bring Any Divine Beings To Help You Guys

The Global Chaos Cannot Bring Any Divine Beings To Help You Guys28-03-2021 16:05
The Global Chaos Cannot Bring Any Divine Beings To Help You Guys
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There are a lot of global chaos such as the Myanmar military coup, virus pandemic, etc.
It is obviously it was "assumption" to bring any special divine beings to come help you guys in real physical person.
But the truth of life, the truth is creation are always brutal.

Myanmar is the most "Buddhism" nations but the chaos not going to bring any "Buddha" to Earth, why?
Because the closest distance "Buddha" is me, but no body believe and willing to listen to !

The most simple thing in life is "shut up" and listening to any "claimed" special beings, but all of you are not believe in, only think for material life and believe in "guru" or any beings who can only tell you the "historic past" action, instead of the solution with explanation.

No any beings can going to save you guys, for only you is the beings can "save" you guys out of the darkness, not any other "gods", "deities" ! There are a lot of sacred textbook and teaching talk about that.

Remember the whatever you can think about anything in your mind is the truth of life, the truth of creation.
The only think is not truth is that you guys do not believe in me as the savior and miracle.

For at the end of the day, it is all about whether you can "grow", "improve" your personal knowledge and wisdom or not.
It is not about philosophy, messages, laws, they are all worthless if you cannot able to unlock your body and your God potential within.

My house is big and beautiful but I can only build is for myself.
Your house rule would be the same, only you can build for yourself, no any beings can help you directly !

That is the eternal laws of life, law of creation.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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