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The Epic Way To End The NCOV Pandemic is Educate Reveal Full Virus Working Mechanism To The People

The Epic Way To End The NCOV Pandemic is Educate Reveal Full Virus Working Mechanism To The People20-06-2021 08:20
The Epic Way To End The NCOV Pandemic is Educate Reveal Full Virus Working Mechanism To The People

If you want to defeat the "enemy" you must know the mechanism, how the enemy work/function.

The most epic way to end the stupid corona virus NCOV COVID is to educate/reveal the full mechanism of not just the NCOV but also all kind of virus in general via various creative way.

This civilization already has reached the peak for self discover where all the "ingredients" both over and underneath the Earth surface have been using.
It is time for another truth of life, time for another real life lesson.
If you re-read all the religions books and do some research about all different religions, there is always some kind of diet and daily life practices was revealed to the people.

All the chaos now on Earth is come from one reason: which is because of people eating too much, too much proteins foods.
They should stop eating protein when become adults (or at least reduce it significantly).

Almost all those virus have the same working mechanism which is "suck" the surplus proteins, toxins out of the body.

Vaccine is not the answer for virus because there are thousands kind of virus.

You can take advantage of like "variant NCOV", "we need to think big and prepare for the future, so we need the help from everybody to fully know the working mechanism of all virus, so we create the free non-censored platform for every researchers both private and corporation to share there view, whether right or wrong the public will decide".

Mark my words, the vaccine is not the final solution for the corona virus NCOV event.
The only happy way to end this stupid virus pandemic is reveal the truth of virus working mechanism to the public !

It not just going to end the pandemic, but with way life on Earth will be much more stable with less chaos.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

20-06-2021 18:32
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
We need proteins, and a lot of other things you can't get easily from eating 'tough' foods. I do agree that people tend to over indulge, when it comes to eating. The tend to eat a whole lot more, than is required to maintain good health. Usually focusing on types of foods, they only really need occasionally. Our bodies provide pretty good defenses, when we are in good health. It's not just diet, but staying active. Every other living thing on earth has to work for food. Humans tend to eat a lot more than they work...

Pandemics happen, and those in poor health tend to have a tough time. Vaccines can help some, briefly, but they are never 100%. Vaccines also carry some risk of their own. Little insane, actually, tough times from the virus, or vaccine. Sort of doubling your chances of a bad outcome. Vaccines aren't just a once, and done solutions. You have to keep getting the injections, which might not offer much protection. A health person has little worries of getting infected in the first place. Regardless of how governments make the appearance of fighting the plague, it's still comes down to individuals, taking care of their own health. Life, it's self, is risky business, and a lot of work. Humans are mostly lazy, specially the socialists, who seem to think it's everybody else's responsibility, to take care of their every want and need.

I decided against getting a SafeMoon wallet. Doesn't look like it's a good investment, or gamble. Have to find a more profitable means to accept your generous donations.
24-06-2021 20:02
Spongy Iris
I read, newer RNA vaccines can be produced from a DNA template.

But, most conventional viral vaccines need to be grown on biological material, such as chicken eggs with influenza vaccines, mammalian cells with hepatitis A vaccines, or yeast for hepatitis B vaccines.

How did drug companies figure out the DNA template? Seems like quite a technological leap...

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