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Siberian ice melting!

Siberian ice melting!12-06-2019 21:32

Saw a local news story about this, which sort of hyped it a little, so I want to see some pictures for size reference. Saw part of a YouTube video of a japanese guy handling the head, wasn't no where near as 'giant' as the first story made it seem, or modern wolf are really tiny these days. The head looks about the same size as a Rottweiler/Cur mix I had a while back, but he was larger than normal dogs around here.

Sort of confirms my thoughts, that there is still a lot of melting left to go, from the great ice age, nothing to worry about. Global Warming is BS, it's just normal recovery.

Wonder how much it would cost to get a DNA sample, and see about cloning the beast? Think it would make a really cool pet, but guess it wouldn't like Florida so much.

Anyway, thought it was a pretty cool discovery, and looking forward to see what else thaws out over the next few years
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