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Climate change hysteria in the middle of the biggest Cold War in human history

Climate change hysteria in the middle of the biggest Cold War in human history29-04-2019 15:36
Tai Hai Chen
China building dozens and dozens of new warships. Big ones. 5th generation warplanes. Trump going all in on war against China to try maintain US dominance with record American military spending. Does this mean carbon dioxide takes a backseat like it did in during the WW2 and the first Cold War?
29-04-2019 21:23
Trump increase the military budget, partly to re-direct some of that cash toward building a wall at our southern border. Won't stop the illegal immigration, but should slow the flow, and much easier to enforce. Military spending doesn't mean war, it's a way to create jobs, and put money back into the economy. Our military isn't the same as the chinese military, we don't slaughter crowds of protesters (well, rarely, think that was the national guard, the weekend Warriors). I really don't mean no ill will, actually have a lot of respect for those who put on a uniform. It's not an easy thing, but if people are throw things at you, they deserve what they get. Don't know how the cops and military show such restraint most of the time. An act of aggression toward someone who is armed, is threat worth shooting. Sets an example for others, who might be inclined to misbehave.
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