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Carbon tax killed auto industry in Ontario. Good thing for China. So who paid them?

Carbon tax killed auto industry in Ontario. Good thing for China. So who paid them?19-04-2019 19:17
Tai Hai Chen
To do carbon tax? Chinese government?
20-04-2019 00:00
Tai Hai Chen wrote:
To do carbon tax? Chinese government?

Try watching Pine Gap on Netflix. It's a "spy" show but gets into the politics of having to deal with multiple countries. I am not able to support communism. I have enough problems with a "free" society. Communism would only make matters worse for people like me.
With CO2, I think it's an important environmental gas. We need it but we don't need communism.
If you don't get it Tai, I can think that Wake and ITN are 2 homosexual lovers. They're not and no one is going to jail. I can say I hate President Trump if I want. Just doesn't matter. Do I have to be afraid? I don't. I don't have to like my President. I can actually be against him and any politician. I can have my own views, perspective, etc.
What can't be said in China but can be said in the US is that if we had a pig for a president we'd be better off. No one in China can say that. But I can say that because I am an American. I routinely speak out against my leaders because I don't like them. If I were Chinese I couldn't do that. That's what helps the US to become better. It has to tolerate criticism from Americans.
Edited on 20-04-2019 00:12
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