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are there still people that believe humans are casuing global warming?

are there still people that believe humans are casuing global warming?14-10-2019 21:09
19-10-2019 18:56
Third world guy
The substance of the topic is no longer scientific, but psychological.

Changing a way of thinking is not easy.

There are -and will continue to be- many people who believe in anthropogenic global warming, and who even believe in the trash of alarmism.

The narrative of anthropogenic global warming is impregnated in its neurons, and by many scientific studies that rule it out, it will always be present.

The good news is that over time, the population of mature countries consider it less and less important, among many other concerns (economy, terrorism, resource scarcity, ecology, etc.).

There are three kinds of climate change: that generated by natural factors; that generated by man; and that generated by economic interests.
19-10-2019 21:16
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
People have a natural fear of the unknown. The IPCC uses that, and adds to it, every update is more urgent, more dire, and more confusing. We are being told that 2 degrees Celsius increase, since the use of fossil fuels, is significant. In reality, it's nothing, we've been through warmer periods, and none of the apocalyptic events happened then, not even a little taste of doom. 2 degrees Celsius, is like me driving to the other side of Orlando, usually a little cooler north of here. The temperature and rapid rising stuff didn't work, ice cores were all that, so we got feedback, forcing, sink, source, analogs, proxies, and a whole lot of other catch phrases, to distract people a way from the tiny amounts of temperature, and CO2. Now, along with the fear, some people can appear 'cool' and 'smart', by regurgitating catch phrases, and cryptic meanings for them, to further confuse, and give themselves an IQ boost.

Global warming is a powerful tool for politics, people fear it, governments have the power to promise a cure, for a price, higher taxes, more regulations, less freedom to choose. There is also plenty of money being thrown out there, hoping someone will come up with a solution, to a non-problem. Roof-top solar panels are great, for the people selling and installing them. Vast majority of customers, don't see a huge savings, let alone the monthly surplus check they thought the power company would be sending them. Just like you can greatly improve your car's fuel efficiency, simply by changing your driving habits. You can reduce your electric bill, by changing your usage habits. Most people don't even realize they are changing habits, usually come with the installation of some miracle device.

A fossil fuel burning power generating plant, runs pretty much 24/7. Solar and wind don't, yet are the two most popular replacements. Both would take hundreds of acres, farms, to replace just the daytime production, assuming a sunny, windy day... Those hundreds of acres would need to be cleared of vegetation, which of course naturally reduces CO2. Does that make sense, destroying large sections of the environment, to save the environment, from the perceived destruction, of a 2C degree temperature rise? We actually could use that 'farm land', for actual farms, growing food crops, which would naturally reduce CO2, and the 'global warming'. The vegetation is the only thing that takes carbon from the environment, and puts into the food of all living things, which are all based on carbon molecules. No plants, no food, with carbon, no life...

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