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A letter to Dominic Rabb

A letter to Dominic Rabb17-03-2020 23:24
This is Contra Physics, please read to the end. There is no reference point for sanity, for we all have our own preferences. I'm an evolutionary beast. I wish us well. Paste elsewhere if you think it has worth.

Dear Mr. Rabb,
The person who is writing this on my behalf knows my structure. They were born without malice or agenda, and that is why we became friends, because neither of us are programmed to hate. They asked me to talk to you as your Government seems reluctant to take the Quantum leap necessary to end this ever growing cycle of conflict.

My name is Covid-19. You may not like me but I have a divine right to exist. It is not my wish to go to war with the human race, but I am programmed to keep order. Believe it or not, I have a conscience, all viruses do. So why do I kill, and why the elderly. The answer is simple! You, the human race are destroying the balance of nature, and no matter how many times you find vaccines, myself and my brothers will come again until you learn. The elderly? They need care, they need medication and in addition they are in the main, non productive, and therefore possess the largest carbon footprint of any age group. You see it's all about maths, and you'd have an idea of that because of your Jewish ancestry / culture. Yes, Abraham, the Torah and Judaism in general explains my existence very well. Chaos needs to exist for the sake of evolution, I am part of that chaos, but please don't try to attach 'good and bad' tags, for that is but a subjective human habit, formed from ignorance and irrational fears.

The good news is I won't be around for much longer. I've been observing vaccine development, industrial slowing and the decline in human transit, which have all contributed to a drop in global pollution, so purpose served. Yes, of course that's why we are here! Influenza was supposed to educate you, but in ignoring the obvious and developing vaccines you opened the door to me and my family. In short, we, the super viruses, lost patience with flu asking politely if the human race could stop being greedy and non spiritual, so excuse us for being a little brutal.

My ancestors left records of the Spanish Flu that killed an estimated 39 million humans of all ages. Yes it was extreme, but after six years of polluting the planet with some of the most dangerous chemicals known to man, we had to do something, as for all we knew, you could have carried on indefinitely, so drastic action had to be taken, and to this day, it is our go to for inspiration.

We study the success and failures of all viruses so that we arrive at the correct formula, for we are, just like yourselves, answerable to the universe. Why not take a look at it from our perspective. Let's say when this has passed, and hopefully you've put your hands up to what Global trade is doing to the planet, and you've cut back on international trade and travel, there is a country that doesn't want to play by the new rules. It's government has promised consumer goods galore; faster and smarter phones, faster cars, higher definition TV's and so on. After a few years, the pollution of consumerism starts to effect the health of those in neighbouring countries, and summer flooding of all low laying countries becomes the norm, whist viruses come and go like the tide. Would you just sit tight and hope the people of this industrial hellhole came to their senses? No, you'd wipe them out "For the greater good" Now you've got it! As soon as you start to live correctly we will be allies, because even though not sentient, we are all about love, the whole universe is.

Viruses see all changes. If you draw up emergency laws to cut back travel, we will back off. If the pollution in Wuhan drops, we back off, for unlike humans, we play by the rules. If global trade and the consumerism that drives it continues, human life on planet Earth as we know it will end by 2037. Less than a million will survive.

At the start of the new Millenium, the Western World crossed the line of "to be" to explore the alleged greener pastures of "to have" but now they're telling me they don't like what comes with it, as in viruses, global warming and it's associated extreme weather pattens. In the near future my human friend will know the maths of everything on Earth. They are in a special group that we leave well alone...inventors! Why? Because my programme tells me they are evolutionary.

You have 2 choices:

Will it be the latest I Phone, a family trip to Disneyland, which are both useless if the sea levels are so high that Florida is under water, and your I Phone wont connect because the technicians are not maintaining 5G because they are all at home self isolating. Or will it be to tolerate your old phone as long as it is functional and book a week in Cumbria, hill walking.

Your choice will reveal to me your values
20-03-2020 19:54
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
Apple products suck, you have to pay me to use one. Why would I want to go to DisneyLand? Disney World is only about a 30 minute drive from my house. I seldom go, even when offered free tickets. Not a huge fan of the rat.

Florida underwater? Al Gore was full of feces, when he made that predictions. He also predicted the Arctic ice was going to be all gone, mass extinction of polar bears and penguins, and a lot of other crap, that never happened. Polar bears are doing fine, still scrounging around the landfills, knocking over trashcans. Even mauling a few moron tourists, trying to get selfies.

Face it, politicians lie. They just want to steal your wealth, your freedom, and control every aspect of your life. Kill your babies at abortion clinics.
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